Marset at lightjunction

Our fine lighting event, lightjunction, taking place as part of designjunction during the London Design Festival (17-21 September), has a very specific purpose. It is to increase specifiers’ awareness and understanding of high quality, relevant suppliers of decorative lighting. I'm highlighting some exhibitors in these posts, to give an idea of how the brands were chosen.MARSET

Why learn about Marset?

Of all cities, Barcelona is arguably home to the largest collection of good contemporary lighting brands. They benefit from the entrepreneurial, hard-working spirit of the Catalans, a sensitivity to good design, an engineering heritage, and a wealth of small subcontractors. The result is varied collections, covering most of the decorative lighting categories, in a wide range of materials. Their lights are well-made and well-priced. Administration is reliable. These are all necessary factors if you want to specify lights from trouble-free suppliers.

Marset’s new introductions illustrate the diversity, and also the willingness to explore new technologies and design concepts.

The Ginger collection, by Joan Gaspar, uses a material that is new to the lighting sector.

marset ginger 42 oak pendant light

Layers of wood and paper are shaped under high pressure to create a shade/diffuser that is just 4mm thick, wood-finished on the outside and white on the inside (in order to reflect the light). The lower part has the LEDs in it: being made of aluminium, which has good heat-dissipation properties, this section can be very slim. The result is a supremely elegant, contemporary light, that looks and feels as light as air. Besides the pendant version (in two sizes):

marset ginger suspension light

there is a table version:

marset ginger table light

and a floor version:

marset ginger floor light

FollowMe, by Inma Bermúdes, exploits LEDs in another way. Their small size and low power consumption make cordless lights a viable proposition: we will see more companies launching these soon. FollowMe is a cute design that has a built-in handle:

Marset followme cordless light

It can be used on outdoor tables (or any tables that are likely to be moved, where otherwise it would be difficult to use lights that have to be plugged in).

marset followme cordless table light

With no electrical connexion, it is safe in any circumstances, such as around a pool, around children — or in a tent:

Marset followme light with kids

It doubles as a torch:

marset followme-siluet-b

Completely different again (both from the lights above, and from what is available elsewhere) is Santorini by Sputnik Estudio. This is an outdoor light, a reminder that the Catalan companies have some of the best selections of decorative outdoor lighting. The main components of Santorini (which is inspired by the lanterns found on fishing boats) can be reorganized at will by the user, making possible a rich array of direct or reflected light:

marset santorini outdoor lights

They can also be suspended in various ways: on a wall bracket:

marset santorini outdoor wall light

floor-standing, on a pole:

marset santorini outdoor floor light on a terrace

or suspended in rows:

marset santorini outdoor light garland mustard
marset santoniri outdoor light garland on a terrace

The shade components come in white, grey and mustard.

These are just three of the recent additions to a catalogue that is full of interesting and useful designs. But, better than looking at them in a catalogue, come to lightjunction and see them for yourselves!

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