Estro's bespoke lighting for luxury hotels and restaurants

Estro are leading specialists in custom lighting (and bathroom accessories) for hotels and restaurants, so they are central to our mission.

We go to them for fully bespoke lights in quantity. They are based in Tuscany, so they deliver all the convenience of: high Italian standards of craftsmanship; ease of communication; short runs and single samples; plus quick deliveries. If necessary, one can fly in to Pisa and be in their factory by lunchtime! And they have proved exemplary in handling aftersales issues promptly, efficiently and cheerfully. In other words, totally different to sourcing in China – which would be irrelevant if Estro's prices were not competitive, but they are. Amazingly so. And they are nice people. ;-)

They have another brand, Luminara, that makes a diverse range of luxury lights that are more suited to public areas and residences, so if you work on such projects, do still come to the Estro’s stand and see what they have to offer.

It is difficult to give an impression of the production of a supplier of custom lighting because of the variety of their production, much of which is dictated by the designs and requirements of the interior designers, rather than by the maker themselves. Estro do have fine, relevant collections in several catalogues — a Classic, a Contemporary and a Luxury one, plus one for bathrooms (lights and accessories), but they are a starting point, really. So what I thought I’d do is show you some pictures of interiors that have Estro lights. They will need no comment from me – you’ll be able to see for yourself what I would point out. And pictures of interiors (and exteriors) are much more interesting than pictures of lights, aren’t they….

Finally, Estro have introduced a third brand, Idèo, for cordless lights, taking advantage of the low power consumption of LEDs. Unlike most others, theirs have a traditional look (the one you can see in the Monte Carlo picture above is a powered version):

They are also available in a bronze finish, as seen here on the table light:

So, Estro is a very important company for anybody involved in specifying for luxury hotels and restaurants!

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