GLASS FROM Venice: Mazzega 1946

AVMazzega Murano glass pendant Bios SO 3102

Two characteristics distinguish the Murano glass company AVMazzega, now called Mazzega 1946.

The first is that their catalogue contains examples of every significant style of Venetian light.  They do contemporary glass, such as the cleanly detailed Mirror pendant, with its mirrored, semi-translucent finish, that comes in three sizes (Ø14cm, Ø25cm, and Ø40cm).

AVMazzega Murano glass pendant light SO3150

The small one looks great in rows over a bar:

AVMazzega glass pendant light SO3150_1_big

The simple, elegant Forme pendant (and table light, and ceiling light) comes in two (larger) sizes, Ø33cm and Ø49cm:

AVMazzega Murano glass pendant light forme-sospensione-so3131-cristalllo-h

Stand Up (H178cm)  is one of several tall, slim floor lights than can be clustered to brighten a dark corner, as here:

AVMazzgea Stand Up Murano glass floor light TE5041

or they can animate a corridor:

AVMazzega Murano glass floor light stan-up-te-504

Air can is a neat design, in two sizes (H33cm or H47cm)…

AVMazzega Murano glass portable light aircan

…that you can treat like a bucket of light, carrying it to wherever you need it:

AVMazzega aircan Murano glass portable light

But you are also going to be particularly thrilled by their vintage designs, some the real thing, others designed more recently.

This is Bios (which is also at the top of this post):

AVMazzega Bios Murano glass pendant light

But AVMazzega are from Murano, so of course they do multi-arm chandeliers! A spectacular rezzonico, for example:

AVMazzega Murano glass rezzonico chandelier 800118

Or something smaller – Ca' Pesaro:

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier 800206

Or more contemporary Melissa

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier melissa-9003-12-ametista

…with shades if you prefer. This is Atlanta...

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier Atlanta 1000408

...and this is Richmond:

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier richmond-10006-12-rosso

From a practical point of view, there are designs with different overall shapes, to suit various spaces. For example, Octopus is very shallow and therefore suited to our lower, English ceilings:

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier octopus-9017-12-alessandrite

We particularly like Jackline – plain, but not too plain, thanks to those coloured spirals:

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier Jackline 01908

There are plenty of table lights, floor lights and wall lights in AVMazzega's catalogue (so not just chandeliers, then!), including the elegant, sophisticated Ca’Donà:

AVMazzega Murano glass floor light 8007TE

AVMazzega also have an impressive record when comes to custom feature pieces – here at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris:

AVMazzega custom Murano glass installation at lancel-paris-louvre
AVMazzega custom Murano glass installation at lancel-carrousel-du-louvre

Or this, in Wexford:

AVMazzega Murano glass custom chandelier at amber_springs_hotel_wexford

Or this, for Boutiques Catherine Malandrino:

AVMazzega custom Murano glass installation for boutique_malandrino

The second reason to work with AVMazzega is because of the seminal rôle that the company played in the development of the lighting of today. About fifty years ago, a young Carlo Nason joined them and suggested that new kinds of glass light would be possible. The result was an amazing period of fertility that changed the design of lights for ever. One example of his work will have to suffice: Sixty, dating from 1971. A collection of glass C-shaped hooks that are knobbly (to pick up the light)…

AVMazzega Sixty Murano glass light detail

…that can be hung on a metal structure to create light fittings of many kinds…

AVMazzego Murano glass pendant light so3126-cristallo
AVMazzega Murano glass wall light sixty-ap1083-cristallo

…and sizes:

AVMazzega large Murano glass composition Sixty arredaesse
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