Windfall at Euroluce

Windfall Eden chandeliers

Yes, this year, Windfall will be showing at Euroluce. The palazzo they have used previously during the Milan Furniture Fair was beautiful, but not very accessible. Shown above are some of the gorgeous, delicate Eden chandeliers photographed there last year.

They contrast with the more masculine Jewel series:

Windfall Jewel 1 chandelier
Windfall Jewel 3 chandelier

Lula continues the theme of multiple pendants lit from above or within, that started with the Balance:

Lula crystal pendants from Windfall

We may also see the new series that Lalique asked Windfall to create for them, drawing on the work of René Lalique:

Windfall crystal designs for Lalique

And, as a final incentive to visit their stand, you’ll see the coolest of the current crop of portable cordless lights for use inside or out, Jack – a luxurious crystal lantern!

Windfall Jack cordless crystal lantern

Here are the stand details:

Windfall Euroluce 2015 announcement
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