Vistosi at Euroluce

The Venetian glass company, Vistosi, is very important to you as specifiers, because theirs is the best, the most useful selection of contemporary glass lighting. What is more, many designs helpfully come in different sizes and typologies: Bot here as three sizes of pendant…

Vistosi Bot pendant lights

…and in wall and table versions:

Bot wall and table lights Vistosi

Withwhite takes things further. The four shapes here…

withwhite pendants from Vistosi

…are not just pendants themselves, but they can also be ceiling roses (with lamps in so they light up as well). You can mix’n’match them as you like (or – see the second from the left below – use them as ceiling lights):

withwhite family of lights from Vistosi

There are beautiful, simple elegant designs like Spirit

spirit pendant light from Vistosi

And Poc

Vistosi Poc pendants black

And larger pieces like Ecos:

ecos pendant light from Vistosi

Other designs specifically lend themsleves to larger installations – the classic (much faked) Giogali, for example…

Giogali long Vistosi

…which can be almost any size or shape, depending upon the shape of the frame that the glass hooks are hung from :

giogali suspension light chandelier

The Damasco, designed by the great glass master, Crepax, uses a traditional Murano technique to great effect. Here is one of them…

damasco pendant light Vistosi

...and here are lots of them:

Damasco installation Vistosi

And some Diamante:

DIAMANTE installation glass lights Vistosi

Then there are lights that are best-in-class. Michele De Lucchi’s Vega task light, for example, that comes in table, wall and this floor version that has no counterweight protruding at the back:

vega floor standing task light Vistosi

All have the easily adjustable glass head, in white or gentle pastel shades.

And it is Vistosi’s catalogue that you’ll find Vico Magistretti’s Alega of 1970. All glass (including the shade); the simplest, most elegant reduction to the essence of the base’n’shade table light:

alega table light Vistosi

So Vistosi’s stand at Euroluce (hall 11, Stands D23/E20) is unmissable. Their teasers are suggesting some eexciting new additions to their collection!

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