Produzione Privata's new furniture – and decorative lights for architects!

Produzione Privata Sedia 2015 gala chair with horse

If an architect/designer of the stature of Michele De Lucchi creates Produzione Privata – his “private production” – so that he can release collections that are independent of the requirements of professional clients, and not compromised by the restraints of fashion and markets, the results are going to be really special – the connoisseurs’ choice! They are also exclusive: not many people know about them.

The 2015 introductions are best understood from a charming two-minute animation here,  set to a piano sonata by Mozart that you probably used to play – the name of the collection being Viva Mozart (because “everything he wrote was harmonious, innovative and happy”).

Here are some highlights. The Sedia 2015 Gala chair shown above has its back in the form of a horseshoe, plus the sturdiness and solid feet of a cob. It is made of beech and walnut.

There is also the San Vigilio table in oiled oak:

Michele De Lucchi Produzione Privata San Vigilio table

In fact, wood may be Michele’s favourite material. We are delighted that one of his new lights made of wood (solid walnut) is in the form of a circle (a shape that many want, and architects revere, but there are not many available). It is called Dodici (=twelve) because the LED lamps echo the twelve hour markings on a clock face.

Michele De Lucchi Produzione Privata Dodici wood pendant light

Linear pendants are nowhere near as rare as circles! But, by coming at this typology from the point of view of someone who loves wood, and who is an architect (so he is constantly aware of dimensions), he has created something new: Metro – ten 10cm blocks of walnut glued together to make a ruler (with LED lamps in) that is exactly one metre long.

Michele De Lucchi Produzione Privata wooden linear pendant light Metro

Even more obviously architectural is Brunellesca – five oak barrel vaults and a central cupula:

Michele De Lucchi Produzione Privata wooden chandelier Brunellesca

The collection is not all wood, though. Michele De Lucchi has the advantage of working with Alberto Nason, the son of the great Murano glass light designer, Carlo Nason. Here is a table version that they have added to the Perseo family. The elegant, dynamic glass diffuser is now stood on four rough iron supports. There is also a floor version.

Michele De Lucchi Produzione Privata Perseo stelo 28 table light

And the latest versions of Glacier (here, the pendant Glacier 20 – there is also a table light, and vases) replicate the look of ice. No two are the same, because the cwms and crevasses are formed using a special type of mould that allows for some random movement during the blowing of the glass.

Michele De Lucchi Produzione Privata Glacier 20 pendant light

There is a witty illustrated introduction to all the new 2015 items here.

And you can download the full 2015 catalogue here.

Go on – give yourself a treat!

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