The New Lighting Collection from Carlo Moretti

Carlo Moretti Ovale clear Murano glass table light

This beautiful table light, called Ovale, is from the collection of lighting launched in Milan last month by the great Murano glass firm of Carlo Moretti. There is also a thrilling black glass version:

Carlo Moretti OVALE black Murano glass table light

The shade of Ovale is also made of glass. There are other designs in the collection that have fabric shades, such as Bricola:

Carlo Moretti BRICOLA table light

And Faro:

Carlo Moretti Faro Murano glass table light

Another strand of the collection is more radical in shape, more sculptural. The glass is clear and/or frosted, and the structures (which are more important to the overall design than is typical) are in muted metal tones of, for example, aged brass and crackle-finished graphite, as here in Efra:

Carlo Moretti Efra Murano glass table light

The effect is almost steam engine-like – and very untypical of the brightly coloured glass lights we expect from Murano!

The shapes are unusual; here is Scudo:

Carlo Moretti Scudo Murano glass table light

And the fascinating floor-standing Drima (H155cm):

Carlo Moretti Drima Murano glass floor light
Carlo Moretti Drima Murano glass floor light set

All of these designs were created by Carlo Moretti himself. However, a key member of the team now running the company is Antonio Ceschel. He has previously been with Osram and Venini and is exactly the person you’d want to be working with on a custom installation. He has designed Boblu, a system that allows great freedom for where glass balls can be hung, such as here, down a double height stairwell:

Carlo Moretti Boblu Murano glass light installation down a stairwell

Or more closely spaced:

Carlo Moretti boblu Murano glass light installation

The standard balls are clear, but with a white section at the top that conceals the lamp:

Carlo Mretti Boblu_Murano glass sphere

There are other patterns, and also the ability to have one or two balls in patterns derived from Carlo Moretti tumbler designs:

Carlo Moretti Boblu Murano glass pendant options

During the Milan fair, the Carlo Moretti lighting collection was displayed in the amazing showrooms that Tadao Ando designed for the cool fashion brand Duvetica. Here is Boblu by the famous two-storey curved wall:

Carlo Moretti Boblu Murano glass lighting

And the rest of the collection next door:

Carlo Moretti lighting as shown during Milan 2015

This is an outstanding, important – but also very useful – collection. You can download the lighting catalogue here.

Carlo Moretti Murano glasswoks
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