Understanding Kevin Reilly finishes

Kevin Reilly Lucerne pendant light

Several of the designs from our wonderful Kevin Reilly collections are available in both indoor and outdoor versions – for example, the elegant Lucerne above.

Initially you may wonder why we always check with you about which finish you want when you contact us about them.

We do it partly because the lights shown in photos tend to be in the “steel dark patina” finish, whereas everybody (in Europe, at least) assumes that it is a bronze. But Kevin Reilly give the name “steel bronze patina” to a different finish.

Photographs, print-outs and screen images of colours and finishes are notoriously unreliable, depending as they do on many factors. For example, how the colour has been set up on your screen is affecting how you see this post. But here are images of the indoor finishes anyway:

Kevin Reilly lighting interior finishes

The liveliness of the interior surfaces is achieved by hand-painting the finish onto steel.

Though some of the outdoor finishes may look similar, they are in fact powder-coated stainless steel, so that they can withstand the harsher conditions:

Kevin Reilly lighting exterior finishes

Now you can see why we check, and why we have samples of the finishes that we can send out to you.

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