Vistosi's 2015 introductions

Vistosi Starnet Up Down glass pendant light chandelier

In my most recent post about Vistosi, I said that the firm “…is very important to you as specifiers, because theirs is the best, the most useful selection of contemporary glass lighting.”

Vistosi's new designs  introduced last month at Euroluce bear this out. (You can download the catalogue of 2015 additions from here.)

In this post, I’ll draw your attention to three of them.

Starnet (at the top of this post) has the lightness and airiness of Vistosi’s Giogali. It also can be arranged in various different forms. Other shapes they are suggesting include the Up Down version above, but with the bottom section hanging down, rather than pulled up through the centre, Cilindro:

Vistosi Starnet Cilindro glass pendant light chandelier

and Diamante:

Vistosi Starnet Diamante glass pendant light chandelier

Futura comes in three colourways and a good size (H44cm Ø23cm):

Vistosi Futura glass pendant light group

Oto is a very clever design. Of course, there are many variations on the theme of multiple glass balls. In this case, besides the fact that they are very well done, with balls in a variety of sizes and finishes, Vistosi have thought about the cable problem. Yes! Normally, if they are lit from within, forty balls = forty thick electric cables. What Vistosi are doing is putting some unlit balls on the powered cables, so that there are fewer cables overall. Look at Oto Rain Circle:

Vistosi Oto Rain Circle glass light installation

This also results in neater, tidier groupings – here a ball:

Vistosi Oto pendasnt lights grouped to form a sphere

And here a square (the type of shape that cannot be made at all if every ball is on its own cable):

Vistosi Oto glass pendant lights grouped to form a Cube

In the catalogue, you’ll see seven other new designs. But what you won’t see is this new, narrower version of Diadema that I photographed n their stand:

Vistosi Diadema glass pendant light
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