...and the most useful lighting catalogue is...Bover's!

Bover FORA table light for indoor or outdoor use

Once you have discovered the Catalan lighting company, Bover, you will often find (as we do) that theirs is the catalogue that you turn to first. The collection comprises the types of decorative lighting that you need most frequently. The design, quality of production and pricing, as well as the company’s administration, are all very good. Bover is the only major quality lighting company created by a woman (Joana Bover).

To get a sense of the collections, and of Joana, I urge you to watch two little YouTube videos based on their 2015 Euroluce stand, here and here. In just over five minutes, you’ll get a better idea of the lights than still images could ever provide, and also of the joyous, positive personality of Joana herself!

Their designs tend to be really interesting, whilst not being so extreme as to frighten the horses your clients. Take Nón Lá (a new introduction for 2015):

Bover Nón Lá pendant-light

It is a simple, functional pendant. But it also has that kink, introducing an element of instability and, (seen particularly in the table version) of personality:

Bover Nón Lá table light

(You can see all four finishes, one of which is copper.)

By the way, one of the practical benefits of the Bover catalogue is that designs come in several typologies – table, floor, wall, pendant, &c. Thus,  the gorgeous glass Inari comes as a pendant, a table light and as a floor light:

Bover INARI table light
Bover Inari detail

One of their strengths is an outdoor collection that can also be used indoors, potentially connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Fora (shown in the image at the top of this post) is part of a little family which has the lamp and electrics protected by a glass ball, and the rest of the luminaire in a basket weave, which softens the designs and, in Amphora for example, looks like the Moon in a basket:

Bover Amphora indoor or outdoor floor light

The current catalogue is split into two. The second part is made up of designs that are particularly suited to contract (hotels &c.) and customization.

There are many and varied designs using ribbon, such as Siam:

Bover siam ceiling light, Ø200cm
Bover Siam 6  light arrangement

And extremely well-priced, go-anywhere luminaires like Danona, with her leather detailing:

Bover Danona table lights

But Bover can let their hair down, too! Cornelia comes in two sizes, in black or white:

Bover Cornelia mulitlight  suspension

and with wonderful detailing:

Bover Cornelia multilight pendant detail
Bover cornelia multilight pendant detail

But the most spectacular piece, still under development, will be Dome,

Bover Dome large pendant light

their collaboration with Benedetta Tagliabue:

Benedetta Tagliabue with her design Dome for Bover

So you see, Danona to Dome, via Amphora and Siam – a wonderful, varied collection linked by Joana’s understanding of light and form, and her wonderful personality.

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