Understanding Willowlamp

Willowlamp Spiral Nebula chandelier

This email pulls together the basic facts that you need to know when specifying Willowlamp.

The company is located in Cape Town and is the brainchild of Adam Hoets. He produces the most amazing, unique chandeliers, all made possible by his patented method of attaching ball chain to laser-cut steel frames.

There are both metallic and colour finishes.

Willowlamp metallic and colour finishes

The metallic finishes are: silver (chrome), smoke, copper, polished brass, and rust.

A Spiral Nebula in copper is shown at the top of this email, and here is a Three-tiered chandelier in smoke:

Willowlamp 3-tier-1000-smoke ball chain chandelier
Willowlamp Flower of Life metal ball chain chandelier

The standard colours are white, red (like the Flower of Life chandelier above), or black (like the Droplet below).


Colour finishes cost more than metal finishes.

Some of the art pieces (more illuminated sculptures than a light source) combine several metal finishes, such as Mandala no. 2:

Willowlamp MANDALA No2-1000-Metal ball chain

Adam divides Willowlamp’s work into two streams: • “Collections” which are standard designs. Specials can be made – what Adam calls “tailoring”, i.e. tailoring the piece to your scheme and location • “Custom Design”.

As examples of the latter, here is a massive piece, inspired by Islamic sacred geometry, for the Liwa Suites, Abu Dhabi…

Willowlamp custom ball chain chandelier installation

…and this oversized Fuchsia in Meliá’s ME London hotel:

custom Willowlamp ball chain chandelier ME Hotel London

These two images graphically display some of the conspicuous advantages of Willowlamp’s custom designs, especially when compared with pieces as big made from any other material: • they are lighter • they are less likely to break in transit, being metal chain (that collapses) rather than glass or some other more solid materials

And who gives you more wow factor for your money?!

You can also see from all the images in this post how elegant, fluid and seductive ball-chain can be.

The Willowlamp web site ( ) is good. There are data sheets for every design, that show everything that you and your client need to know. There are lots of images to download, of the luminaires themselves and also of their being used in real settings, such as this standard, Ø1000mm Spiral Nebula:

Willowlamp Spiral Nebula metal ball chain chandelier

This is a standard Protea 1000 in brass at the Ritz Carlton, Dubai…

Willowlamp Protea chandelier Ritz Carlton Dubai

…for which 35 more chandeliers were specified. Here are some of them on test before despatch:

Willowlamp Flower of Life chandeliers on test

Three points to note when specifying: • the top plates are always stainless steel, whatever the chain colour, unless the chain is rust, in which case the top plate is rusty too • whilst the total heights can be varied, you must confirm the height you need in your order. They are not adjustable on site • lamps tend to be halogen. LEDs are available on request • being in the southern hemisphere, their long summer holiday closure is in December/January.

willowlamp droplet-1000-silver
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