Produzione Privata's really helpful new web site

Produzione Privata Acquatinta pendant light

This light is Acquatinta, from Produzione Privata.

For many people, that information, plus dimensions, price and lead time, is all they want to know.

But supposing your client would like to know who designed it and why, and who made it…maybe they don’t want anonymous blobs in their home, or bar, but are interested in the backstory, the history, the provenance.

The new web site from Produzione Privata goes further than any other in taking such interest seriously. This is because they do.

Which benefits you too, by the way, because knowing a bit more about Acquatinta gives you more to say when discussing it with a client.

Produzione Privata Acquatinta pendant lights in Berlin

So, on this page, the luminaire is discussed and there are the images and technical information you need.

You can also download a 3D .dwg file.

This is a blog post that goes into detail about the Acquatinta family: how the design was conceived; the nature of the glass; the “silent poetic nudity. It was the first light designed and conceived to show the technical components required for its primary function”. It then looks at the issues raised by each of the typologies (wall, suspension) and the various versions. The original is on the right, the smaller Acquamiki is in the middle and the wall version is called Acquaparete:

Produzione Privata Acquatints, acquamiki and acquaparete

It includes a reminder that how a luminaire casts its light, and how the appearance of it changes when lit, are important considerations for any designer of light fittings. 

Produzione Privata Acquatinta pendant light options

But who actually makes the Acquatintas? There is a page on the web site that looks at glass, why Produzione Privata use it, and in which designs. Then, each of the four glass companies is identified and shown on a map (of Italy, note).

However, the biggest story is who designs them. They are the “private production” of Michele de Lucchi; not only one of the World's greatest living architects, but a prolific designer in other fields, particularly lighting, usually for Artemide – his immortality would be assured even if he had only ever done one thing: designed Tolomeo, probably the most successful quality light of all time. Produzione Privata allows him to operate independently of normal commercial pressures, and to work directly with materials and with skilled craftspeople. What something is made of, and who makes it, is essential to him, which is why due credit is given on the web site. There is also a web site dedicated to him.

Michele De Lucchi

In spite of the amount of information on the new Produzione Privata web site, it is also easy to use.

It works fine at your desk but also adapts to tablet and smartphone screens.

Produzione Privata web site on a tablet and a phone

If you just want the key info on a product quickly and clearly, click on the Products tab.

If you are interested who makes the Produzione Privata pieces, go to “Artisans & Laboratories”:

Produzione Privata artisans and laboratories

3D DWG files are available from each product page, or you can download the complete 3D library via this page:

Produzione Privata web site

There is lots more in the News, Video and Blog sections, plus Michele De Lucchi’s concept behind Produzione Privata

Michele De Lucchi blackboard

Finally, do spare just a minute for this cute little video.

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