Ango at designjunction during the London Design Festival

Ango wire matrix pendants

So you have an important project and you want to specify lights that are exceptional, not same-old, same-old. You are longing for fresh designs and novel materials. This is when you should turn to Ango,  Angus Hutcheson'a company based in Thailand.

Their lights are made either from natural materials or from composite/natural materials that they have developed by experimentation. They say that "the whole low impact./low energy intensive process of how we create our designs also represents our view of how enlightened, environmentally responsible 21st century design and production can be."

Ango table lights. Wire matrix and silk cocoons
Ango pendant lights rattan and mulberry tree bark

What does this mean in practice? Well, Ango is best known for the use of silk cocoons (see the table light on the left above). Silk worms live on mulberry trees, so their bark is also used (see the lowest of the three pendants). Also shown are luminaires in rattan (a natural sustainable product) and hand soldered wire matrix (using locally available craft skills).

What is striking is the range of environments into which these amazing pieces can fit.

Maybe not surprisingly, they are particularly at home in interiors that make the most of wood and other natural materials – here at the Per Aquum resort in Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives...

Ango lighting at the Huvafen Resort, The Maldives

...the Hotel Torralbenc, Minorca...

Ango lighting at the Torralbenc Hotel, Menorca
Ago lighting at the Torralbenc Hotel, Menorca

...and the Vana Retreats in India...

Ango lighting at the Vana Retreats India
Ango lighting at the Vana Retreats India

They suit casual, relaxed, luxurious environments, often located by water – by the sea at the W Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand...

Ango lighting W Hotel Samui Thailand
Ango lighting at the W Hotel Samui Thailand

...or by a lake in the Cotswolds, as in this lake house by Yoo:

Ango lighting in a Lake House by Yoo in the Cotswolds
Ango lights at a Lake House by Yoo in the Cotswolds

BUT, but, but...that does not mean that Ango's lights cannot work equally well in urban environments such as Mary's Café in Tokyo...

Ango lights in Marys Cafe Tokyo

...where interiors have a subdued colour palette, as in the Hotel Chavanel, Paris...

Ango lighting in the Hotel Chavanel Paris

or this house in London:

Ango pendant light in a house in Pembridge Place

There is no more urban a space than a massive department store! They create their own challenges, with large spaces to fill. Whatever is used must (a) convey luxury, and (b) not be too heavy, dense or dominating.

Look how gloriously Ango rise to the challenge at the Emporium shopping mall in Bangkok's Khlong Toei district:

Ango lighting at the Emporium bangkok
Ango lighting at the Emporium bangkok

Just think of the logistics on installing the installation below, let alone making it!

Ango feature lighting installation at the Emporium bangkok
detail of Ango lighting installation at the Emporium, Bangkok

There is just one problem with Ango. Photos, images never do justice to their pieces, particularly the silk cocoons. So we are delighted that they will be showing at designjunction during the London Design Festival (24-27 September). So do come along to see the real thing!

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