Installations created using Tubes from Vistosi

Vistosi Tubes lighting installation at Elie Tahari, Atlanta

Tubes, from Vistosi,is tubes, but square ones! They can be employed in a variety of ways to make compositions, including attached directly to the ceiling, as above.

You can see below how they are normally mounted, with a visible metal structure:

Vistoai Tubes Oceania Business Plaza Panama

and here, where they are mounted individually, rather than in clusters:

Vistosi Tubes ceiling lights IFI Lux

However, Tubes have also been mounted directly to the ceiling. This is the Crowne Plaza in Dubai:

Vistosi Tubes Crowne Plaza Dubai

Or they can be suspended, as here, in a publicity shot from IFI for Beverly, one of their cool (in both senses of the word!) counters for bars, gelaterie and pasticcerie:

Vistosi Tubes suspension lights IFI Beverly

As standard, the glass is either polished white or semitransparent fumé.

The images in this post have been taken from the book Vistosi have just published that shows details of some of their installations. You can download a PDF of it here.

Vistosi TUBES lighting installation
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