Why bother to rewire an American light fitting?!

ln my post The regulations that lights in Europe must meet (click here), I point out that there is more involved to convert a north American light for use elsewhere in the world than just "rewiring"! If a light is to be used in the EU, it has to meet EU standards, proof of which is given by a Declaration of Conformity, that you can request from the supplier at any time.

The main standard, EN60598, is based on IEC 60598, which applies almost everywhere in the world except north America. It covers a lot more than just the wiring!!! To make this point crystal clear, I've put below the contents page of 60598. The English version of the full document is 216 pages long....

So why on earth waste your money (or your client's money) paying someone just to rewire a light, if they are going to ignore all the other requirements? It will still be illegal and potentially dangerous, whether it has been rewired or not.

(I don't expect you to read these contents pages in any detail, particularly since they are rather fuzzy. They are here to give you a general impression.)

60598 a.JPG
60598 b.JPG
60598 c.JPG
60598 d.JPG
60598 e.JPG
60598 f.JPG

Everything above is in part 1 of EN60598 and applies to all lights.

Part 1 is supplemented by the following sections in part 2 which address specific types of light. Thus, a table light has to meet all the requirements in part 1, plus the requirements in part 2-4.

60598 g.JPG

Now do you see?!

Reflect that every light you have ever bought meets these requirements if it is from a reputable maker. They know what the rules are in advance – they are the template for making a safe light. It is quite another matter to re-engineer a light made to completely different specifications, as is the case with a light made for the north American market.

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