Our Star Brands

We work with over 80 brands, craftspeople and artists, the products of 60 of which are available to search through on our LIGHT FINDER. Amongst these, there are brands for whom we are the agent or distributor, or with whom we have a close, but informal, relationship. You can access their web sites via the images on our STAR BRANDS page. Here are a few words on each.

Ango                            Thailand           www.angoworld.com    

For when you want something different! Run by Angus, who uses unique materials (most famously, silk cocoons) and has a unique design language. Click here to read more.

Art et Floritude            France             www.artetfloritude.fr

Having made their name making charming French traditional chandeliers and wall lights from painted metal leaves and porcelain flowers, they are now using these skills to create spectacular bespoke compositions.

Bover                           Catalonia          www.bover.es 

Created by Joana Bover, a very good collection that spans: well-priced lights for hotels; strong new designs; outsize pieces; outdoor pieces and the occasional Major Statement piece. As with most Spanish companies, uses ribbon to make fabric shades. Click here to read more.

Carlo Moretti               Italy                  www.carlomoretti.com 

One of the great names in Murano glass and with a design language unlike any other. A small, exquisite lighting collection joins their main production of glasses, vases and glass sculptures. Click here to read more about them generally, and here about their lighting collection.

Casablanca                    Germany           www.casablanca-leuchten.de 

A well-made, well-priced collection of lights for most normal domestic uses, that has solutions to practical issues like sloping ceilings. Their Follox range of linear luminaires has so many options that it is the only one you need! A sister brand to Casablanca (qv) Click here to understand more about Follox.

Davide Groppi              Italy                  www.davidegroppi.com 

One of the great names in lighting, for his understanding of light, for his minimal design æsthetic, spiced up with some quirky pieces, and for his ability to create lighting to suit particular clients – particularly chefs. A very good outdoor collection. Click here to read more.

David Weeks                USA                 www.davidweeksstudio.com 

An artist based in Brooklyn. His metal pendants have a wonderful lightness, delicacy, movement and balance, even when they are large. The range of options allows them to be adjusted to suit a wide variety of spaces. And there are matching wall, table and floor lights too!  

Estro                            Italy                  www.estro.it

A long-established maker of bespoke lighting for hotel contract. They also have outdoor, bathroom and cordless collections. Click here to read more. See also their Luminara catalogue of distinctive pieces primarily for residential use here.

Kevin Reilly                 USA                 www.kevinreillylighting.com 

An artist/metal craftsman based in Alabama. Originally best known for his pieces incorporating real wax candles with lamps inside, he is now turning his skills to delicate, minimal indoor lights and to fine contemporary wall and pendant lanterns that can be used indoors or out. Click here to read more.

Millelumen                   Germany           www.millelumen.de 

Focused on linear pendants, including the, well, sculptural Sculpture range, and their Individual range that uses glass, wood and leather. Dimming by waving your hand under the luminaire. Click here to read more.

Produzione Privata       Italy                  www.produzeionprivata.com  

The channel through which the great architect and designer Michele De Lucchi makes available pieces not commercial enough for big lighting companies like Artemide (for whom he designed the mega-selling Tolomeo task light). Not just lights. Click here to read more.

Quasar                         Holland            www.quasar.nl 

The home of distinctive designs, particularly those pieces created by Jan Pauwels. Make most of the lights themselves, so they stress their readiness to make specials. Click here to read more.

Roger Pradier               France              www.roger-pradier.com/en/ 

The leading French maker of outdoor lighting, both contemporary and traditional, for larger buildings and spaces. Extraordinary attention to all issues raised by putting electric light fittings out of doors. Click here to read more.

Tobias Grau                 Germany           www.tobias-grau.com 

Tobias Grau, like Davide Groppi, has an understanding of light and a unique design language. Our leading supplier of lighting for offices. The lights in their office collection have their own integrated light and movement sensors. A wide range of fixing options for pendants. Click here to read more.

Vistosi                          Italy                  www.vistosi.it 

The single best source for white frosted glass lights. But they also have classic designs amongst their collections, and the components for large bespoke installations. Both characteristics are demonstrated in the iconic Giogali system of glass hooks designed for them by Angelo Mangiarotti. 

Willowlamp                 South Africa     www.willowlamp.com 

The brainchild of Adam Hoets, an artist based in Cape Town, who uses ball chain to create elegant, striking, customizable  pieces. Compared to alternatives in glass, for example, they are lighter and easier to ship. And different. Click here to read more.

Windfall                      Germany           www.windfall-gmbh.com 

The leading designer working with lead and Swarovski crystal. Most installations are site-specific and based on catalogue designs such as the Balance – individual elements of a chandelier, lit from above, that can be hung in any arrangement. 

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