Quasar at Sleep

As you know, because of the lack of opportunity to see contemporary fine lighting in London, we encourage brands to show at events here, particularly those designs and installations not easily understood from pictures alone.

We are delighted, therefore, that Quasar is exhibiting at the Sleep Event at the BDC in Islington tomorrow and Wednesday.

This means that you can get a good understanding of the amazing Universe family, designed for them by Jan Pauwels. There will be a version of Universe Square on display…

Quasar Universe Square chandelier


Orion chandelier by Jan Pauwels for Quasar

…and a new version, Cloud:

Cloud feature light by Jan Pauwels for Quasar

To understand their true impact, you have to see them, particularly since Quasar is the brand that likes to say Yes to customization, thus making these wow factor pieces easy to integrate into a wide variety of projects. Click here to read my illustrated introduction to this series.

As flexible, as innovative, is the Sparks system designed for Quasar by Daniel Becker. Using just three components, you can create installations that can go anywhere – e.g. over two walls and round corner, thus linking spaces together…

Sparks lighting installation by Daniel Becker for Quasar

...or over ceilings

Sparks lighting system by Daniel Becker for Quasar

Read about it by clicking here, and come and see it for real at Sleep. Better still, have Daniel himself explain it to you! He’ll be there on Tuesday introducing a new design, Julia, initially available as a table and floor light.

There will be other useful, interesting and unusual pieces from this eclectic collection on view. But, on such dark, dreary days, I am particularly looking forward to seeing the Lum system. Look at these wonderful rich, copper colours:

Lum copper wall lighting installation from Quasar

The alternative finish is verdigris…

Lum copper wall lighting from Quasar verdigris finish

…in which you still get a hint of copper from the inside of the panels that include the lights. There are two shapes of panel (a flat panel and a light panel), both available in copper or verdigris. So from just four options, you can make up all sorts of patterns:

Lum copper and verdigris wall light installation from Quasar

Quasar will help you. To see the Lum data sheet, please click here.

Sleep is only open for two days. You can go after work tomorrow (Tuesday) when it is open until 20:30 and becomes a big party for our community  If you have not yet done so, you can register by clicking here. Do come and say hello. Quasar’s stand is V3b.


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