Introducing Vetrart

After the summer break, and the September trade fair season, we’ve got some exciting new brands to share with you!

The first is Vetrart, a glassworks about 50 miles north west of Venice, near the picturesque town of Bassano del Grappa, in the foothills of the Alps. The brilliant designers of our Nelly and our Sommerso ranges, BrogliatoTraverso, have created for them a contemporary collection.

For example:

Vetrart Lagoon glass installation

Vetrart are particularly relevant when you are looking for clusters to put down a stairwell, or in a large atrium/lobby area.

The designs are gentle, elegant, quite airy, and the size of the glasses means that not too many have to be used, keeping the cost down. Whilst simple, they are never bland; there is always interest. They are quite feminine (except Skyline), so they have a softening effect.

Here are some examples. (Note my usual caveat that photos can rarely do justice to the magic that is light and glass!)

Dame is one of several where (unusually) you have a choice whether to put a lamp inside or to have them lit form above. She can be clear or frosted:

Vetrart Dame glass pendants
Vetrart Dame glass lighting installation

There are three related shapes, all Ø13cm H34cm.

Oneiric demonstrates the lightness that comes from using such thin glass. It is borosilicate, so it is as light as it looks, but strong:

Oneiric glass pendant from Vetrart

There are two sizes: Ø15cm H30cm, and Ø20cm H40cm.

Skyline is more masculine and comes in three sizes: H60cm, H100cm and H140cm.

A row of Vetrart Skyline glass pendant lights

They have GU10 lamps inside and hang from fabric covered cables.

Detail of Vetrart Skyline glass pendant light

There is quite a range of fabric colours available:

Vetrart fabric-covered cable options

So you could use black if you did not want to draw attention to the cables, or play with colour, making the cables part of the composition.

Other designs from this collection of Vetrart’s are simpler (e.g. spheres), and some are never lit from within. This is Kuge:

A display of Vetrart's Kuge glass pendants

And so many things can be done with the discs of Hime

Vetrart Hime glass discs

…such as a screen (though this dreary image does not do the glass justice at all):

A screen made of Vetrart Hime glass discs

Finally, Lagoon, that has a luxurious graded “mother of pearl” finish, dark at the top (shading the lamp inside) and paling to clear at the bottom. There are three sizes, H40cm, H55cm and H75cm. These measurements include the bobble at the top and the rods at the bottom, so the effect is of a smaller pendant than these measurements would indicate.

Vetrart Lagoon pendant lights with "mother of pearl" graded finish
Vetrart Lagoon pendant light close up

There are wall and table versions of most of these designs, and a high degree of customization is possible. The standard glass colours/finishes are these:

Vetrart glass finshes

Not much of this info is on their web site, so have a look at, download even, the PDF of their catalogue. You can access it by clicking here,

Do get in touch if you are considering specifying any of these beautiful glass compositions.

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