Lots of new designs from Willowlamp

This is the picture of Willowlamp’s Spiral Nebula that was in this month’s FT How To Spend it.

Willowlamp Sprial nebula chandelier

The creator of Willowlamp is Adam Hoets in Cape Town. You can read the FT’s article about him by clicking here. The Spiral Nebula is a good example of his unique style. Combining metal ball chain with laser-cut stainless steel frames, a wide variety of sensuous, curved shapes can be made. They can be customized in detail and also in size. They have the advantage that, even when large, they are not heavy in weight, or heavy-looking. They are easy to unpack and install, and the prices are very reasonable when compared to other options that are as large and that have such an impact.

The chains are available in a variety of colours and finishes:

Willowlamp chandelier metal chain colours and finishes

Adam has spent the last year developing a varied range of new designs. Here’s the WindChime, broadly in the line of Spiral Nebula and his iconic Flower of Life Chandelier

Willowlamp WindChime metal ball chain chandelier

…whereas the Crystal Mandala

Willowlamp Crystal Mandala chandelier

…and Lotus Mandala

Willowlamp Lotus Mandala chandelier

…bring into the catalogue styles that Adam has developed in some of the bespoke artworks that he has been creating for large spaces. This is in the Crown Towers Hotel, Perth, Australia, for example:

Willowlamp custom Mandala lighting installations Crown Perth

Click here to see more of Adam’s large, light, airy, elegant custom installations.

Also new is The Link – a surprise, because it is so strict, formal and boxy:

Willowlamp The Link chandelier

A Peal is that frequently sought after, but rarely found, thing (thank you, Axo Light, for Aura!), a pendant hanging under another pendant, so suitable for stairwells:

Willowlamp A Peal double pendant light

While some are very simple – this is Spiral Pod Single:

Willowlamp Spiral Pod single

others are more complex in shape. This is a new family of crazy Moroccan Vases:

Willowlamp Moroccan Vase chandeliers

But the one we are most looking forward to seeing is Halo. By layering the sheets of ball chain – a material that Adam understands so well now – and by varying the direction of the strands, an organic shape of contrasted densities is built up. It could be a creature from the very deep ocean revealed to us on Blue Planet 2!

Willowlamp Halo chandelier

There are more new products. Explore them by clicking here.

By the way, if you have the space, and your client is rich enough, Willowlamp can create truly spectacular, unique one-off installations. This one was created for René Dekker:

Custom Windfall chandelier for René Dekker

To give you an idea how big this is, and the impact it has, here is a picture of it with Adam standing in front of it:

Custom Willowlamp LargeTree chandelier

Click here to access Willowlamp’s helpful web site. There are lots of images, data sheets and other info.

The PDF version of the new catalogue can be downloaded from here

Also, as always, contact us for prices, to discuss your project, and for chain samples.

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