Understanding Inarchi

A specialization of ours is light installations for large spaces, such as stairwells, foyers and atria. We have a wide variety of options, both glass and non-glass. If we add a new source, it is because of the quality of the design and production, but also because the brand is doing something different. We’ve already got lots of fine glass balls, for example!  Plus, since almost all such compositions are bespoke to some degree, it is essential that the makers are good to work with – that they are prompt, clear, helpful and, let’s face it, that we like them. You can’t choose you customers, but you can choose your suppliers….

So we are thrilled to have discovered the Hungarian company Inarchi, not just because of their collections, but also from our experience of cooperating on our first two projects with them.

I was initially struck by Frame.

Inarchi Frame vertical lighting composition

Here is a wonderful, architectural alternative to balls and tubes. The Frames can be vertical, as above, for stairwells, or horizontal…

Inarchi Frame horizontal lighting installation

…for when you need to fill a large space with something light and airy. You may want to see through the installation to a view behind, if it is over a dining table. Or you may want to put something over a reception desk that does not obscure the company logo on the wall behind.

You can combine vertical and horizontal units:

Inarchi Frame lighting installation

Frame gets even better when you look at it close up, for there are both glass (unlit) shapes, and metal shapes with LED strips in:

Inarchi Frame feature lighting close up

Besides adding variety, this also keeps the cost down, because the glass unlit shapes cost less to make than the lit metal shapes do.

bInarchi Light Beam Circle carrara marble ring pendant light

As you may recall from my post about trends at Euroluce (click here), everybody is doing rings now! But Inarchi’s Light Beam Circle is the most majestic. It comprises two concentric rings, each made from a single piece of Carrara marble:

Inarchi light beam circle carrara marble ring pendant light close up

The result, is very clean, very elegant, with some direct light shining down, and ambient light glowing through the marble, revealing the patterns that are unique to each piece. There are other marble shapes in the Light Beam collection – linear, and rectangular as here:

Inarchi Light Beam carrara marble rectangular pendant light

This is an unusual option for a rectangular table, and would be appropriate for a kitchen, because it is easy to clean.

Inarchi use marble in a different way for their Sasso collection. These are panels of marble with LED strip in the top, that can be assembled into patterns for ceilings (Inarchi will suggest site-specific arrangements for your space):

Inarchi Sasso marble pendant lights

Their scale makes them suitable for large areas, where otherwise a larger number of smaller pieces would have to be used, creating a busy effect. Think serenely basking whale sharks, rather than a shoal of anchovies, Blue Planet II fans.

There is also a wall version:

Inarchi Sasso wall light in carrara marble

Other marble options include Sahara Noir. Every piece will be different, of course:

Inarchi Sasso wall lights in Sahara Noir marble

The idea of marble panels is simple enough. What elevates it here to something so special is the detailed design – the shapes, the measurements, the thicknesses (bevelled at the back), the curves… The couple behind Inarchi are Janos Héder and Judit Zoltai…

Janos Héder and JuditZoltai of Inarchi

…who also created Manooi, in which the same strength of design and truth to material is applied to crystal.

With Rutil, they have rethought the pipe-with-a-lamp-in-the-bottom. Like any other, they can be hung singly, or in groups:

Inarchi Rutil pendant light compistions

What distinguishes Rutil is that: (1) the tubes are five-sided, rather than round; (2) there are five “diameters” (from 8mm to 28mm) and five lengths in each, so there are twenty size options; and (3) the wide range of colours and finishes:

Inarchi Rutil pendant light colour and finish options

Finally, Hexan. There is nothing else like this! A great way to fill a largish space in a surprising, and somehow cheerful, way. The hexagonal shapes are either see-through, or filled:

Inarchi Hexan pendant light composition
Inarchi Hexan pendant light installation

So do explore this exceptional company further, particularly the designs that I have not covered in this postl. Click here to download Inarchi’s catalogue, here for their web site, and here for Manooi’s web site. As always, get in touch with us for prices, for professional discounts, and to discuss their suitability for a project.

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