Understanding Venice M

By extraordinary coincidence, we have found another company that shares the same key qualities as Inarchi, who featured in my last post. Venice M also have the very highest quality of design and production, and are good to work with.

Kitami wall light from Venice M

Specifically, they show an awareness of current design trends but, instead of merely following them, they move them on. So, now that absolutely every catalogue, no matter how cheap, has ballsonsticks® (as we amusingly refer to them), interior designers are heartily sick of them, but the public is just becoming aware of them, and now wants them. So what do you do?

Venice M give you balls, but in a frame. This is Mondrian Glass. It is rectangular and therefore well suited to going over a rectangular table:

Mondrian Glass ceiling-mounted chandelier from Venice M

It is 105cm from top to bottom so, for low UK rooms, it is good that it attaches directly to the ceiling. But, for where you have the height, there is also a great pendant version:

Mondrian glass suspension light from Venice M

But maybe you want a frame with no balls – a cleaner look. If so, there is Mondrian LED:

Mondrian LED ceiling-mounted chandelier from Venice M

Instead of lit balls, there are LED strips let into the frame itself:

Venice M's Mondrian LED ceiling light fixture detail

On the other hand, you may want sticks with visible light sources, but not balls. This is when Venice M would propose Kitami:

Venice M Kitami chandelier
Kitami suspension large chandelier from Venice M

As well as two sizes of chandelier, there is also a wall version of Kitami (as there is of most of their designs). I’ve shown it at the top of this post.

Venice M are based near Venice, one of the two European centres for fine light making (the other being Barcelona). The quality is exquisite, as we were able to prove. As Venetian glass specialists, we know the glassworks and craftspeople and, by naming the best, we were able to guess who they work with!

As most of you are only too well aware, fine workmanship is not just a nice thing to have, it is essential on high value projects, where any blemsh or fault will result in a product being rejected. To give you some idea of their quality, there is a close-up of Mondrian LED above, and here is one of Mondrian Glass in a different finish:

Venice M Mondrian Glass detail

We have samples (beautifully presented) of the eight possible metal finishes which their lights can be given.

Like Inarchi, Venice M is the creation of two cool dudes, in this case, Melissa and Massimo. Here they are:

Massimo and Melissa of Venice M

They are very experienced (click on About in their web site). They directly control all decisions, so the collection is a testament to their design eye and their pursuit of quality.

Of course, they also do a ring (see my emails passim!). But theirs, Crown Circular, uses clear, amber or smoke grey glass triedri that are hand-drawn on Murano, creating a most refined effect:

Crown Suspension light from Venice M

There is an inner and an outer layer, as in Inarchi’s Carrara marble Light Beam Circle (and also Santa & Cole’s Estadio):

Venice M Crown Suspension light detail

Crown Circular comes in two sizes, Ø70cm and Ø150cm. There is also Crown Elliptical, which is oval – 137cm long and 64cm wide (so it is well suited to a rectangular – or an oval – table).

And finally, a couple more winners. The Roots Chandelier

Roots chandelier from Venice M
Venice M Roots chandelier from below

...which has a neat applique to go with it:

Roots applique from Venice M

And the Numa Suspension, which is most unusual – massive (H62cm) and triangular:

Numa suspension lights from Venice M

…and which also uses triedri:

Venice M Numa pendant light detail

I hope that this selection encourages you to have a look at the rest of Venice M collections. Click here to go to their web site and here to download their catalogue. As always, get in touch with us for prices, for professional discounts, to see the finish samples, or to discuss their suitability for a project.

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