Milan Iluminación, like Avis, "tries harder".

Milan Iluminación Pla pendant light

This is Pla, a new introduction from Barcelona-based Milan Iluminación. The profile of the shade is a flattened metal cone – so far, so on-trend. But they have thought longer and harder about their example. You can see from this picture…

Milan iluminación Pla pendant light detail

…that the metal tube around the cable connects visually to the point that extends below the luminaire, so as to form another cone – this time, a long slim one. Then, instead of just a bulb, there are three LEDs located in recesses in a polycarbonate diffuser. This arrangement spreads the light, prevents glare, and allows the shade to be so shallow. There are four finishes (gold lacquer, copper lacquer, charcoal grey lacquer and textured white), as this image of one of the wall versions shows:

Milan Iluminación Pla wall lights

The same clever diffuser/LED combo is used in 3-Led – here shown in a wall version:

3 LED wall 560 c.jpg

Milan Iluminación is one of our “Avis” brands. They are not the biggest or the best-known so, like Avis, they “try harder”. These brands are really important to you and to us (which is why Milan Iluminación is one of our “star brands”). They represent excellent value for money, they are efficient and pleasant to work with (they are usually family owned and run), their lead times are short (in Milan’s case, just a week for items that are in stock), and they provide the resources a specifier needs (e.g. photometric tables and downloadable .ldt files for all their products). They make the lights themselves, in Europe, so they can’t match the prices of fittings made in the Far East. Therefore the quality of their products has to be as high as possible, if they are to compete with the bigger brands with large marketing budgets..

Like the other important Catalan lighting brands (Bover, Marset, Santa & Cole, Vibia….), Milan Iluminación’s catalogue contains examples of all the main types of light that you are ever likely to need. As you have already seen, some are in typical styles, others are original. Thus, the Tub Led series of spot lights is fairly conventional – here is a double ceiling version:

Milan iluminación Tub Led double celing spotlight

Whereas Bo-La manages to be a clean, perfect sphere, yet multifunctional:

Milan Iluminación Bo-La spotlight typologies and finishes

They turn freely in both planes, so they are easy to direct:

Milan Iluminación Bo-La spot lights
Milan Iluminación copper Bo-La spot light

The one above is in the useful Bedside Lights section of Milan Iluminación’s catalogue. In the Outdoor Lighting section is Tagomago, that echoes the metal cone of Pla above. There are two wall versions.

Milan Iluminación Tagomago outdoor wall light small

The upper part of the larger one emits light too:

Milan Iluminación Tagomago outdoor wall light large

There are also pendant versions, and three finishes – all white, all copper, and grey outside/gold inside.

Here are some more examples to give you a flavour of the range of Milan Iluminación’s catalogue, and the quality of design:


Milan Iluminación Tric outdoor path light


Milan Iluminación Alina ceiling light

Elea Lectura:

Milan Iluminación Elea Lectura reading light

Mini Neva:

Milan Iluminación wall mounted uplighter


Milan Iluminación Aina pendant light 2

Do have a look at their web site for an overview, and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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