Objet Insolite bring life to nickel!

Objet Insolite Alix wall light in nickel

This is Alix, a wall light from the iconic Parisian company, Objet Insolite. At first glance, it is very simple. But look closer and, besides its elegance, you’ll see the liveliness of the modelling and the textured, patinated finish. This is because it is made of bronze that has had nickel applied to it. So if you are limited to a grey/silver palette, you can still source from Objet Insolite lighting and other metal accessories that have charm, softness, humanity – even playfulness.   

As you can see in their showroom, La Maison de Brune, in Saint-Germain, all Objet Insolite’s metal work comes in a choice of three finishes: “brown”, as in this Grande Silva wall light…

Objet Insolite Grande Silva applique bronze patinated


Objet Insolite Sylva Petite applique nickelé

…or gold:

Objet Insolite Grande Silva wall light gold finish

The gold is similarly patinated, because it also is laid onto the bronze – the process stops it being blingy. Specifically, a special polishing method is used to ensure that the high areas of the piece shine, and low areas reflect a matt sheen. The bronze piece is then gold or nickel plated by an electrolytic process. The result is a rich gold or silver colour that is very resistant to light and will not tarnish.

(Be reassured that all the lights shown below come in the nickelled finish, even where I haven’t got a picture of that version.)

Other Objet Insolite lights share the simplicity of Alix, combined with a liveliness of line and surface. For example, the table light Inès:

Objet Insolite Inès table light nickelled bronze

There is a wonderful chandelier called Pablo:

Objet Insolite Pablo chandelier

that has matching wall…

Objet Insolite Nina wall light

…and table lights.

There are still some chandeliers in Objet Insolite’s original florid style, though, like the Petite Toléde:

Objet Insolite Petite Toléde lustre

beside more bucolic introductions – here is Ramure:

Objet Insolite Ramure chandelier

And Objet Insolite’s sculptural fluidity of form even extends to outdoor lights. This is the Marquise:

Objet Insolite outdoor wall light Marquise

which is what we have chosen for our own cottage. Oh, and the charming and practical floor-standing reading light, Grande Vesta, is what we gave my Mum:

Objet Insolite Grande Vesta reading light
Objet Insolite Grande Vesta floor light nickelled

The shade slides up and down and swings side to side. When you are happy with its position, you lock it in place with the wing nut.

Nature is never far away, whether in the Ramure wall light (a branch)…

Objet Insolite applique Ramure

…the Clara table light (a pear and its leaf)...

Objet Insolite Clara table light

…the Sophia Hexa pendant (stylized pines or ferns)…

Objet Insolite Sophia Hexa pendant light

…the Plume pendant (birds)…

Objet Insolite Plume 3 suspension light

…or the Lili wall light (the cat)!

Objet Insolite applique Lili cat

Objet Insolite also do furniture and residential ironmongery (curtain rods & accessories, drawer pulls, handles, loo roll holders….) in the same finishes and language as the lights:

Objet Insolite coffee table Sophia
Objet Insolite door handle Fuso

Finally, if Giacometti designed a wall light...Petite Torchére:

Objet Insolite Petite Torchère wall light in nickel

The metalwork is all done at their factory on the Normandy coast, at Fécamp.

Do call us for more info: we have been working with them since the day we first opened our door (which we had put an Objet Insolite handle on!).








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