Installation shots of the brilliant soap-bubble-like Iris glass pendant from Neo/Craft

The most useful images of a light are often those taken in a real life installation, so we will posting such images when we get them.

 We’ve raved about the soap-bubble-like Iris from Neo/Craft before (click here) . There now enough installations for Sebastian to make up an inspirational brochure.

Here are three spaces that demonstrate functions Iris can perform.

First, bubbles through space, (at the Merck Innovation Centre in Dormstadt)…

Iris pendants from Neo/Craft in the Merck Innovation Center, Darmstadt

…just looking really beautiful, basically. What you can’t see is how the dichroic surfaces change as you move and the light changes.

Secondly, signposting where the reception desk is, whilst being in perfect harmony with this light, airy space (in the Hanse Mercur Versicherungen building, Hamburg)

Iris pendants from Neo/Craft in Hamburg

Blending in with other pendants. If you think about it, most installations of multiple pendants are all made up from the same design, or at least from the same maker. Yet here (abcV in New York), Iris is holding its own against the work of GIANTS – Enzo Catellani and Michael Anastassiades for Flos.

abcV New York: Iris pendant light from Neo/Craft

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more – or to receive a copy of the brochure

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