Installation shots of the revolutionary Haute Couture Carbon bespoke chandeliers from Artelier C

Here is another set of installation shots, this time of Haute Couture Carbon from Artelier C – the lightest custom chandeliers in the world!

We have: a chandelier to go over a rectangular table, and a wall light, as they appeared at s trade fair in Ghent last week:

Haute Couture bespoke chandelier from Artelier C
Haute Couture Carbon chandelier from Artelier C
Haute Couture Carbon wall light from Artelier C

I’m also including a staircase treatment…

Haute Couture Carbon stairwell arrangement.jpg

…and the amazing Ceiling Direct that acts like pendant but attaches directly to the ceiling, like a ceiling light. Difficult to explain but clear when you see an image!

Haute Couture carbon Ceiling Direct lights from Artelier C.jpg

We’re adding new images all the time, so do get in touch if you can’t find the right ones to show your clients.

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