Quasar are showing their unique collection of lights at Sleep this week

Because of the lack of lighting showrooms in UK, we exhort you to take advantage of visits by top lighting companies to trade fairs in London -- it may be your only chance to see the Real Thing. This is particularly important in the case of a brand whose collection includes items that are unlike anything anybody else does. And, when they are truly spectacular, it is easy to dismiss good photos as having been photoshoped, whereas the wonders they show are real!

One such is Quasar, who are exhibiting at the Sleep event tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday (20th or 21st), NB: Sleep is now called Sleep+Eat and has moved to Olympia. Click here for all the info, including a list of exhibitors, and here to get your free ticket.

For example, last year so many people were bowled over by Mira...

Quasar Mira contemporary chandelier

...a typical reaction being, "I normally don't like chandeliers, but this one is fab-u-lous!" (Strictly was being shown then too.) The picture above shows you accurately what it looks like, but doesn't prepare you for the magic of many tiny points of light, not only from the lamps but also from their reflexions off the wire frame. These two pictures of Spectre may give you a hint.

Quasar Spectre contemporary chandelier

Here's one photographed in situ, showing the points of light:

Quasar Spectre chandelier set

You may now understand this picture a bit better, where the chandelier seems to fade seamlessly into its surroundings...

Quasar Universe Square with glass rods set

...an effect achieved by adding glass rods to a Cosmos Square:

Quasar Universe_Square with glass rods

These lights, and all the others in this post, will be on display at Sleep, so do came and see them for yourself -- and find out if I'm exaggerating or not!

A recent introduction into this series of lights (designed for Quasar by Jan Pauwels) is the aptly-named Universe Square with Drops -- ideal for a dining table. (The points of light may be small, and so create no glare, but there is plenty of light on the table top.)


Jan also designed the hugely successful Citadel. Everybody does rings now but this was one of the first, and one of the most unusual:

Quasar Citadel chandelier

Citadel can by customized into many different arrangements, as can the Universe family above -- and almost every design Quasar release. For -- untypically -- they produce their collections in their own factory. Meeting the team face-to-face on their stand is the best way to discuss with them what they can do, whether for a current project or for the future.

They don't only do Jan's work, however! Julia is a recent introduction designed by Daniel Becker aimed squarely at the hospitality market (and therefore the Sleep audience). In pictures, it looks conventional -- a shade on a base...

Quasar julia wall light

but look closer and you can see how well-detailed it is -- and how hard-wearing. The "shade" is made from creased metal strips...

Quasar Julia table light detail

...with particular attention being paid to the clean-ness of the joints. And the "lamp" is a LED in a glass ball. So the materials are special. Julia is a family that includes a table light, a floor light and various chandeliers (including this oval one):

Quasar julia-oval-chandelier

Pelagia is big and spectacular, being part of a collection that successfully attempts to move on the interminable, mindless use of faux industrial light fittings. They do this by taking industrial materials you might find lying about in a factory — wire, in balls and lengths — with spectacular results!:

Quasar Pelagia contemporary chandelier

I said Quasar's collections are unique!

There will also be Stirrup, a shamelessly luxurious design made from from the finest materials. The first one was made for a stud::

Quasar stirrup-suspension-brown

And Apple Mood:

Quasar Apple Mood set
Quasar Apple Mood pendant lights set

So do come and see us, say Hi, and discover these fantastic, unique lights from Quasar on stand B20 at the Sleep+Eat Event at Olympia Tomrrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday. I'll also be on Estro's stand, C21, where they are showing their cordless collections (see my previous post).

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