Estro, European cordless lighting specialists, are showing at Sleep in London this week

Almost every European decorative lighting manufacturer has introduced one or two cordless lights to their collection. Estro was one of the first, and has now built up a dedicated cordless light catalogue. Click here to download it. You should also click here to read my Cut-Out-n-Keep Guide to Cordless Lights, which tells you all you need to need to know about this increasingly popular -- and practical -- type of light.

The first design Estro released was Kuma, designed by Michele Bönan. As you can see, there are both table and floor versions:

Estro Kuma cordless floor and table lights

Cordless floor lights are rare, but Estro have a second one -- Read:

Estro read cordless floor light

There are also fabric-covered cordless table lights -- the Starlets:

Estro starlet cordless fabric-covered table lights
Estro STARLET Q cordless table light

in a choice of fabrics…

fabrics for Estro cordless table lights

…including a pleated one:

STARLET-Q-CREPONNE-BIANCO-cordless tablel light from Estro

There are, of course, lantern types as well. This is Cube, outdoors (in Venice):

estro_cube_cordless lantern

and indoors:

CVube cordless lantern from Estro indoors

Cage comes in white and black, but also in playful colours -- blue, brown, red, yellow and green:

Cage cordless light from Estro

As I expalined in my Cut-Out-n-Keep guide, there is an inherent problem with recharging all European cordless lights. Other countries have shops in which ordinary people buy good lights for their homes. In UK we don't, so the main market for cordless lights is hospitality. A restaurant may have 36 tables with 36 cordless lights. If mobile phone technology is used, each one has to be plugged into a wall socket to be recharged. So that means 36 sockets.... We have been been pointing this out to manufacturers for years now, but only Estro have listened. They do use the typical charger, with adaptors for various plug types...

plugs and transformer for Estro cordless lights

...but, uniquely, Estro offer a little tower that allows you to recharge up to twelve of their cordless lights simultaneously next to a single socket:

estro tower for charging multiple cordless lights


Estro's cordless lights turn up in the most elegant, luxurious, desirable and gorgeous locations! We've already seen Cube in Venice, Here are Kumas in Florence:

estro Kume cordless lights in Florence

in Fendi Château Residences in Miami:

estro cordless lights at FENDI CHATEAUX RESIDENCES - MIAMI.

in Positano:

estro cordless lights in Psoitano

at the Cipriani in Monte Carlo:

estro Kuma cordless light in Monte Carlo

and in Portofino:

estro cordless lights in PORTOFINO

Technical performance:

  • operating time: up to seven hours

  • charging time: up to eight hours

  • 3000k

  • 420lm.

Some of the collection are IP44. This is unnecessary, of course, because they won't be plugged in when used outdoors, so there is no chance of electrocution. But you will have clients who don't understand IP ratings and so who will ask for IP44 anyway. (My quick explanation of IP ratings is here.)

Estro is based in Tuscany, near Pisa. When they are not making cordless lights, they are our main source of custom decorative lighting for luxury hotels and restaurants (click here to read my post about this side of their business). So they could also customize their cordless lights (or create new designs) for you.

Do come to the Sleep event tomorrow or Wednesday (20th or 21st), meet the team (and me) and look closely at the lights. NB: Sleep is now called Sleep+Eat and has moved to Olympia. Click here for all the info, including a list of exhibitors, and  here to get your free ticket.

And here for Estro's own web site.

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