Contemporary minimal lights with a brass finish

Looking for a plain linear pendant in brass a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the fact that they are almost all white or black.

This is a little odd since brass is a good foil to the unremitting gloom of interiors restricted to shades of grey, as David Weeks proved – this is his 428 Sarus 4 Tier in grey gloss and brass:

David Weeks 428-Sarus-4Tier-Grey-Gloss-w-Brass chandelier

I did find a great linear brass pendant, though! It was Compendium, from Luceplan:

Luceplan Compendium brass linear pendant light
luceplan-compendium-linear pendant light detail

You can even abut them to make a super-long fitting. They supply an accessory to hold them together:

Luceplan Compendium linear pendant light 2 together

Compendium is 1625mm long, and -- don’t worry! – it also comes in black (and aluminium).

But we need more good minimal lights in brass! So I’m rushing this post out now because that is what Davide Groppi has just announced!! Yay!!!

They say, “We have decided to use brass in our lamps to demonstrate with emphasis the truth of a few of our products.

Brass doesn't need protection. It is as it appears: genuine, without masks.

It has the ability to create aesthetic suggestions that belong to our cultural heritage.”

Here are the lights available in brass so far:

Miss 1 (code 161008) and Miss 2 (161108):

Davide Groppi Miss 1 pendant light in brass

Masai (180608):

Davide Groppi Masai light in brass

Shanghai (171208) – even more minimal than Compendium!

Davide Groppi Shanghai minimal linear pendant light in brass

The wall lights Toast (104608) and Toast LED (165008):

Davide Groppi Toast and Toast LED wall lights

and the rather less minimal pendant, Cathode (181508):

DG Cathode.jpgDavide Groppi Cathode pendant light in brass

Note that none of these lights have a polished finish – which would give a completely different effect.

As usual, get in touch with us for more info on these designs and their prices, and to discover other contemporary brass lights not included here.

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