Decorative lighting for Restaurants 1: Tekna

This is the first of a short, sharp series of posts about lights that are frequently specified for restaurants.

We start with the Nautic range from Tekna because the law that almost restaurants, bars &c. must be lit by naked light bulbs has not yet been repealed.

Tekna Nautic in restaurant

Tekna let you get this effect without using cheap fittings that won't last. Theirs is the grown-up version! This is the Thorn Pete pendant in  dark bronze:

Tekna nauticthorn pete grip pendant

It can be suspended from a matching cable, as here, or from a rod.

There is a wall version:

tekna nautic thorn pete wall light

And Looe is also a wall light:

Tekna nautic Looe.C wall light in sateen Brass

To attach your bulbs to the ceiling, use Cod:

Tekna nautic Cod C ceiling light weathered brass

A restaurant needs signage, maybe on the street, maybe to indicate the way in to a car park. There is a special Ilford for this. The text/graphics printed onto the frosted PMMA can be whatever you like:

tekna nautic nautic-ilford-wall-xl signage
tekna nautic Ilford wall XL

A restaurant needs something within which to display its menu outside. Tekna have this covered with their menuboxes, A4 and A3:

tekna nautic Menubox A4
tekna nautic Menubox large A3

All these lights come in dark bronze, but there are also other finishes with which to refresh the naked light bulb convention a bit. Polished or matt chrome:

tekna nautic thorn pete wall light chrome

polished or matt nickel, sometimes a copper option:

tekna nautic thorn pete-grip-pendant light in copper

and also custom finishes for the right quantity:

tekna nautic Cod C ceiling light in custom colour white

Besides their functional simplicity, the Nautic collection permits a consistent look across all the restaurant lighting, both inside and outside, particularly when combined with other items from their collections. For example, the Annet wall light:

tekna nautic annet wall light

or the small Ilford pendant:

tekna nautic small Ilford lantern

The changes being wrought to the Company by the new owners are really good: we are proud to be a part of it. Click here for the Nautic web site.

If you'd like more information on their collections, such as prices, or if you'd like me to visit to go through what they make possible, do get in touch.

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