Decorative lighting for restaurants 2: Haute Couture Carbon from Artelier C

Using fine lighting to add a wow factor – a sense of genuine luxury  – to a restaurant can be both economical and highly effective.

Economical because you may have to do little else – bar a lick of paint! If the lighting is carefully selected, there will be very little building work required. This in turn reduces disruption and mess, and the project can be completed very quickly, shortening (or even making unnecessary) expensive periods of closure.

Highly effective? Well, look.

Pendant lights go in the blank space above people’s heads and below the ceiling.

Haute Couture Carbon chandelier from Artelier C
Haute Couture Carbon chandelier from Artelier C

This means that they remain visible no matter how many people are in the space:

Haute Couture Carbon chandelier from Artelier C

They also help navigation: customers can be drawn to the bar, even if they can’t see it.

Artelier C Haute Couture Carbon Sur Mesure2 Apus bar

If there is a large empty space, fine lighting can animate it.

Haute Couture Carbon Artelier C  lighting installation Blauwpoorte-reeks2-155 s.

But it can still work when the ceiling is low.

Haute Couture Carbon Artelier C custom lighting installation

See how the eye is drawn to the “Star” in the background? If it weren’t there (at the Hof Ten Bosse in Heusden, Flanders), the mood from this angle would be set by the dreary spotlights being used to light the dance floor.

Close up, it is pretty spectacular, too. Plus it draws together the tables under it into its warmth, like a mother hen spreading her wings over her chicks.

Haute Couture Carbon Artelier C bespoke lighting installation
Artelier C Haute Couture Carbon site-specific lighting installation

Of course, if this was a restaurant with a big window onto a street (rather than a castle in its own grounds), it would draw people in like a magnet!

Here is an image of a more restrained installation at the Restaurant Beukenhof in Vichte, also in Flanders:

Haute Couture Carbon wall light and pendant light from Artelier C at the Restaurant Beukenhof.

All these lights are from the revolutionary Haute Couture Carbon collection of bespoke lights by Sebastiaan Vandeputte for Artelier C (in Flanders!). You can read more about them and what makes them so exceptional here, download their catalogue here, and go to their web site here.

Do ask me to call in if you are interested. I can then show you samples, talk you through what is possible, and go through prices.

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