Welcome back! What's new?

Welcome back! Whatever one's been doing (or not doing) over the summer, September always feels like a new beginning (it is really when the new year begins). Everybody is refreshed, tanned, healthy, excited to get going again....

Now all we have to do is pick up the pieces, remind ourselves what we were doing before the break (and how we did it), and find out what's new.

For our part, what's new is a redesign of our web site's home page. The aim is to make it more intuitive, and easier for you to understand the two things we do.

This is what you will now see (below the carousel of our own collections).


home page lightinder.JPG

The LIGHT FINDER is part of the system by which we work with you to (1) save you time, (2) enable better outcomes and (3) prevent problems (for free!). It is the only curated database of decorative lighting in the world (all other lighting databases contain only paid entries). There are over 10,000 lights from around 80 makers. So you can search with confidence, knowing that we can answer any questions you may have about them in a twinkling. We can then supply you, with the full professional discount, sorting out all the logistics. "The right light, to the right site, not broken and on time!"

To see what new lights have become available, click on RECENT INTRODUCTIONS.This is a great place to go whenever you've got five minutes spare. Now is a good time, because we are seeing lights feeding through that were announced at Euroluce in April.


home page partners.JPG

Whereas our main service described above is unique, we also have our own brands, just as other agents and distributors do. Here they are.

This part of the home page is powered by Architonic, so it can only include brands that are on Architonic. But some of our best brands and artists are not. The most important is Artelier C, so I've given them their own box below the eight above:

home page artelier c.JPG

That then is what's new on our own web site. And if you click on RECENT INTRODUCTIONS, you'll see what new lights have been released.

If you are not sure what we do -- exactly how we "(1) save you time, (2) enable better outcomes and (3) prevent problems (for free!)" -- do call (01235 835000). Also, get in touch if you want to supply any of the lights on our web site, or that we recommend for your project. You can buy through other channels, of course, even direct from some makers, but they will just sell you what you order, whether it is right or wrong. Only we give you the detailed support necessary to ensure "the right light, to the right site, not broken and on time!".

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