GLASS FROM Venice: Mazzega 1946

AVMazzega Murano glass pendant Bios SO 3102

Two characteristics distinguish the Murano glass company AVMazzega, now called Mazzega 1946.

The first is that their catalogue contains examples of every significant style of Venetian light.  They do contemporary glass, such as the cleanly detailed Mirror pendant, with its mirrored, semi-translucent finish, that comes in three sizes (Ø14cm, Ø25cm, and Ø40cm).

AVMazzega Murano glass pendant light SO3150

The small one looks great in rows over a bar:

AVMazzega glass pendant light SO3150_1_big

The simple, elegant Forme pendant (and table light, and ceiling light) comes in two (larger) sizes, Ø33cm and Ø49cm:

AVMazzega Murano glass pendant light forme-sospensione-so3131-cristalllo-h

Stand Up (H178cm)  is one of several tall, slim floor lights than can be clustered to brighten a dark corner, as here:

AVMazzgea Stand Up Murano glass floor light TE5041

or they can animate a corridor:

AVMazzega Murano glass floor light stan-up-te-504

Air can is a neat design, in two sizes (H33cm or H47cm)…

AVMazzega Murano glass portable light aircan

…that you can treat like a bucket of light, carrying it to wherever you need it:

AVMazzega aircan Murano glass portable light

But you are also going to be particularly thrilled by their vintage designs, some the real thing, others designed more recently.

This is Bios (which is also at the top of this post):

AVMazzega Bios Murano glass pendant light

But AVMazzega are from Murano, so of course they do multi-arm chandeliers! A spectacular rezzonico, for example:

AVMazzega Murano glass rezzonico chandelier 800118

Or something smaller – Ca' Pesaro:

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier 800206

Or more contemporary Melissa

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier melissa-9003-12-ametista

…with shades if you prefer. This is Atlanta...

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier Atlanta 1000408

...and this is Richmond:

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier richmond-10006-12-rosso

From a practical point of view, there are designs with different overall shapes, to suit various spaces. For example, Octopus is very shallow and therefore suited to our lower, English ceilings:

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier octopus-9017-12-alessandrite

We particularly like Jackline – plain, but not too plain, thanks to those coloured spirals:

AVMazzega Murano glass chandelier Jackline 01908

There are plenty of table lights, floor lights and wall lights in AVMazzega's catalogue (so not just chandeliers, then!), including the elegant, sophisticated Ca’Donà:

AVMazzega Murano glass floor light 8007TE

AVMazzega also have an impressive record when comes to custom feature pieces – here at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris:

AVMazzega custom Murano glass installation at lancel-paris-louvre
AVMazzega custom Murano glass installation at lancel-carrousel-du-louvre

Or this, in Wexford:

AVMazzega Murano glass custom chandelier at amber_springs_hotel_wexford

Or this, for Boutiques Catherine Malandrino:

AVMazzega custom Murano glass installation for boutique_malandrino

The second reason to work with AVMazzega is because of the seminal rôle that the company played in the development of the lighting of today. About fifty years ago, a young Carlo Nason joined them and suggested that new kinds of glass light would be possible. The result was an amazing period of fertility that changed the design of lights for ever. One example of his work will have to suffice: Sixty, dating from 1971. A collection of glass C-shaped hooks that are knobbly (to pick up the light)…

AVMazzega Sixty Murano glass light detail

…that can be hung on a metal structure to create light fittings of many kinds…

AVMazzego Murano glass pendant light so3126-cristallo
AVMazzega Murano glass wall light sixty-ap1083-cristallo

…and sizes:

AVMazzega large Murano glass composition Sixty arredaesse
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Euroluce 2013: Hall 9

  Euroluce name in colours

This is the first of a series of posts to be published this week that will build up into our Handy Guide to Euroluce 2013. This one looks at who is a hall nine. Other posts look at who is in other halls and also what is happening where fuori salone. The last post in the series will pull all the content together into one document, with updates and corrections. This will then form the basis for our customary PDFs -- alphabetical, and by hall -- for you to use at the Fair. 

That last post in the series will remain up throughout the week of the Fair so that you can download the PDFs , or read it on your mobile thingy, at any time.


AVMazzega G18 www.avmazzega.com

AVMazzega is a very good source of Venetian glass. Their lead times are good, their prices are good and their collections are interesting. They are also capable of carrying out the basic commercial procedures that are necessary if products are to be supplied for commercial projects. For example, they are on Architonic, so they are also in our LIGHT FINDER, meaning that their lights will be show up when you are searching for something. At the Fair, they will be showing the results of their latest tussles to get LEDs and Venetian glass to work together.

Almerich M08 www.almerich.com

Almerich have two collections, Classic Lighting and Furniture and Contemporary Lighting. Most of our readers will be more interested in the latter, that contains unusual, interesting and useful designs.

Axo Light B01 B03 www.axolight.it

Axo Light will have a big stand – 260 sq m. This is good because there should be plenty to see – maybe items from their outsize Lightecture collection, plus recent versions of the hugely successful Spillray, and Karim Rashid’s Nafir – recent winner of the Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design award. It comprises a series of pendants, reminiscent of the bells of brass instruments, that flow into one another.

Stop press: amongst the new items in their Lightecture collection will be two modular designs (i.e. components that you can assemble into a large pattern of your own devising): Shatter (ceiling lights shaped like large fragments) and Framework (hollow square pendants that throw light upwards).

Banci Firenze F08 www.banci.it

Another company with a Classic and a Contemporary collection, that exploits the famous Florentine metal-working skills. Both contain some good designs – the Classic tend to be more floral and the Contemporary collection includes some pieces which are very light and airy – as if a lampshade has been drawn in space – and others which, whilst still highly decorative, have strong, quite simple structures.

Barovier & Toso E19 www.barovier.com

Where Barovier& Toso go first, others follow, so theirs is an essential stand to visit. The oldest company on Murano, yet still at the top of their game – new typologies, new colours, beautifully produced, but not new for new’s sake – they tend also to be very well suited for practical use in a wide variety of projects.

Bover A01 A05 www.bover.es

Actually, another essential stand, because Bover continue to produce excellent designs that are particularly well suited to contract (but by no means exclusively for contract). They are delight to work with, efficient, and their prices are good. See their growing collection of outdoor decorative lighting.

Brand Van Egmond B06 www.brandvanegmond.com

A chance to see their latest “lighting sculptures” – a good name for their very decorative, flamboyant designs. From previous years, we know that they can surprise us, though: you think you know the sort of thing they do, but then they bowl a googly.

Cristalleries de Saint-Louis D07 www.saint-louis.com

One of the most venerable of France’s luxury brands, that, besides continuing with its “standard” collection, is bringing out some striking new designs. We hope that they will be showing the Vibration series by Èric Gizard.

 Fabbian G01 H02 www.fabbian.com

Fabbian’s range is very broad, from technical lights, to decorative lights made from interesting materials (e.g. corrugated cardboard. Or cut crystal). Theirs is therefore one of those collections that one should keep up to date with, because you think you know what they do, but they always do more – the unexpected. You can preview their new collections, that include new items by Matali Crasset and Mathieu Lehanneur amongst others,  by downloading a catalogue from their web site.

Kundalini C16 www.kundalini.it

A flamboyant collection made from various plastics, that also includes some simpler designs. Dew, designed for them by Emmanuel Babled, has been out for a while now, but we hope, nevertheless, that it is on show, because it is one of the best of the pendants that are made from a crystal ball and that contain a light source.

Penta B15 www.pentalight.it

Penta will be adding to their fine catalogue new collections by Umberto Asnago, Carlo Colombo and Daniel Debiasi with Federico Sandri. They are also celebrating their thirtieth birthday!

Quasar B10 www.quasar.nl

Another essential stand, partly for the variety of what the do and partly because their collection includes some really unusual items that you really do need to see. Pictures do not do them justice. We will be sending out new Quasar catalogues after the Fair. Remember also that, since they make everything themselves, they are up for making special, site-specific versions for you.

Stop press: Quasar will be showing new designs by Jos Muller, Thalen & Thalen and Jan Pauwels, plus the new Sparks modular system by Daniel Becker about which we posted last month -- see here. Also, they will have LEDs with a CRI of 95+!

Santa & Cole B05 www.santacole.com

There must be something special in the air in Barcelona that so many good lighting companies are based there! Santa & Cole is no exception, with some classic designs (Tripode, Estadio), some unusual designs – and more lights with lampshades than is usual in many of the collections we work with.

Siru H22 www.siru.com

This company, based on the Lido, has a very interesting specialization. They do the Venetian lanterns that are made by blowing glass into a wire cage. Besides many interior uses, they also provide a way of having Venetian glass lights out-of doors. Since you usually can’t see the lamp, they also provide lanterns which will still look good after the politicians have banned incandescent lamps!

Sylcom E05 F02 www.sylcomsrl.com

Sylcom is one of thebiggest Venetian glass companies (NB that does not make them very big...!), with a collection that includes both traditional and contemporary designs. They will be producing a new catalogue in time for the fair that includes some intriguing – and potentially useful – new contemporary items.

Terzani B02 B04 www.terzani.com

Terzani’s is another collection that needs to be seen because, besides their conventional pieces in conventional sizes, the birth of Atlantis has been followed by a succession of larger pieces that can have a big impact. You need to see them for yourself and take the opportunity to discuss them with the experts on the stand.

Vibia C07 D10 www.vibia.com

Vibia (also from Barcelona) has a large collection of interesting lights, made out of a wide range of materials. They are not afraid to take risky paths and follow them to where they logically end.

One result is that they have the widest selection of pieces which are, in effect, modules that can be used in quantities to create large installations across walls, across ceilings and as “pendants”. This means that you can create something amazing that is also site-specific. But the complexity of what is possible would be daunting.

So they have created CREA, their own CAD software for you to use. Not only does it allow you to design your own installation, but it does many things besides, including producing sophisticated 3D images for you to show to your client. They are therefore making available to you –  for free! – a very powerful tool indeed (you can use it for all sorts of other things). Do ask them about it – it could save you a lot of time! And it’s really easy to use!! And, did I say that it is free!!!.

Voltolina G03 www.voltolina.com

A very interesting company with wide capabilities, that include crystal chandeliers (using their own crystal) and Venetian glass lighting. They can therefore meet a wide variety of price points. Their most exciting development has been the setting up a new furnace on Murano, and getting one of the leading, most respected maestri (gaffers), Paolo Crepax, to head it up. So look out for items branded “Murano Lab”.


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