Selene by Normal Studio for Artuce

Selene by Normal Studio for Artuce 001 For many, the most exciting discovery at this year's Designers' Days in Paris was Artuce , a new brand set up by the photographer and scriptwriter, Morgane Le Gall, to present lights by exciting young designers.

Selene by Normal Studio for Artuce

We feature first this Selene series by Normal studio (Jean-François Dingjian et Eloi Chafaï).

Selene by Normal Studio for Artuce 003

We also are excited by Artuce, as we are by other enterprises, such as Pouenat Ferronnier, who risk bringing to the market designs by innovative designers with a voice of their own, who are given the freedom not to be overtly commercial, because these enterprises believe this matters. So do we.

The name Artuce combines the French astuce (clever -- approximately!) with the Italian luce (light). They aim to become a leading international contemporary lighting brand. They understand how lights combine the practical with the magical. We look forward to following their progress and finding out more about them.

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