Friday Fun: Why the World Needs Australians -- a story about a light

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Thread Light by Coco Reynolds for Marz Designs

Thread Light from Marz DesignFrom deep in the heart of Sydney comes Thread Light, by Coco Reynolds for Marz Designs. It is more a concept than a light really: a pole fixed into a concrete base, to which a number of different designs of shades, with lights inside, can be fixed. In practice, the choice of luminaire/diffuser will have to be limited to what meets the tilt test, but it will still be a useful contemporary take on the floor-mounted spot lights of a few decades ago, such as Architectural Lighting's Series A.

Actually, Marz Designs is Coco Reynolds. For us, fine lights are as much about the fine people who create them, and this picture of Coco shows why: fun, positive, a sense of style...

Coco Reynolds of Marz Design

Here is a detail of the lights that she is attaching at the moment:

Thread Light by Marz Designs, detail

Of course, this design could also be seen as a critique of Tom Dixon's Cone Light (no longer available).

Cone Light by Tom Dixon

For more, see the Contemporist.

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