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Roll & Hill bring Bec Brittain from Brooklyn to Decorex

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light reflexions

Brooklyn-based Roll & Hill may be a young company but it is rapidly becoming an essential source of fine, original designs. They are in America, their designers are in America. The essential point to note for anyone working on projects that are not in America is that they are working through their collections to create international versions. This means that you can specify works by artists like Bec Brittain and Lindsey Adelman, who do not themselves make international versions.

The first (of three) Bec Brittain designs that they have added to their portfolio is this Maxhedron. It was shown at Decorex on SCP's stand, along with other key pieces from Lindsey Adelman and Rosie Li (very strong reasons for you to have made your way down to the Orangery!).

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light

The shape is fascinating -- geometric, symmetrical when observed from the end, whereas from the side it consists of two identical units at 180° to each other -- easier to see than to explain!

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light dimensions

Bec created Maxhedron to explore the changes that can be wrought by light and reflexion. When off, the two-way mirror glass reflects what is around it -- blending in. When on, the warm light from the little G4 halogens inside bounces around the glass surfaces, and on the walls of the room it is in.

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light in a bathroom

The detailing is both elegant and industrial at the same time -- the bevelled glass and the knurled knobs...

Roll & Hill Maxhedron pendant light detail

...and the sharp, pointy edges:

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron point

Maxhedron costs $12,500 in the USA. Contact us for a European price when it is available over here.

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light
Bec Brittain
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