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What's Hot in America, right now?

Avram Rusu Confetti glass pendant These are currently the five most popular lights on Interior Design magazine's web site.

The one pictured above is from Avram Rusu Studio's Confetti Glass Lighting Collection. They include coloured glass elements. There is also the Confetti Lighting Collection, made from stainless steel or brushed brass metal discs, plus Swarovski crystal. Here's the wonderful chandelier, and a close-up:

Avram Rusu Confetti Chandelie

They look great fun in situ as well:

Avram Rusu Confetti-Chandelier set and detail


Number two is the Hood lantern from Rejuvenation:

Rejuvenation Hood lantern

There are several diffuser options, some opaque and some netted.

Rejuvenation is an American on-line seller of lights. Avram Rusu Studio are in Brooklyn, NY. So they are both making for the American market. This means that their lights are illegal and potentially dangerous if used almost anywhere other than north America!!!

But the other three are from European companies, so there are both UL and CE versions.

Number three is the Faceted table light from Best & Lloyd:

Best & Lloyd Faceted table light

It was great to have a chance to see these properly at Decorex this week. Lovely big chunks of glass with bold facets cut into them, in clear or in a choice of rich colours.

Number four (NB these lights are in no particular order) is Massimo Iosa Ghini's LED Aria pendant light from Muranodue:

Leucos Aria pendant light

There are two sizes. The one above is Ø36cm. The other is smaller, at Ø18.5cm.

The fifth? Vibia's Link:

Vibia Link ceiling light syste

This is a very clever system -- one of several from Vibia (and some from other good makers) that allow the designer to create arrangements of almost any size across a wall or (in the case of Link) a ceiling. They provide economical and flexible ways to create a wow factor if you've got a large area to fill.

To see the Design Magazine post, go here.




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