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About Fine Lighting News

Fine Lighting News 165 Fine Lighting News is the first blog dedicated to quality branded decorative lighting.

By visiting, or by subscribing by email, in just a few seconds a day, you can keep yourself up-to-date not only with developments in lighting but also with the things you need to know in order to specify decorative lighting with confidence.

Images have priority, which is why you can decide so quickly if you want to read more. The focus on images extands also to the archive. So the LIGHTS archive is building up into a large reference library of images of lights. But a variety of text searches can also be carried out -- by type, by designer, &c.

Though it went live this week, posts were created for the development site during 2011. A series of these were posted to Fine Lighting News yesterday (4th February 2012). It will be clear when you read them that some were in fact written weeks or months earlier. But the content is still useful, we think. The bulk were taken from posts to other blogs, because this was convenient. We will continue to curate in this way (it is very usfeul to know what is hot), but in future, most of the content will be sourced directly from the makers, or written by us.

We will continue to make minor changes. Please assist us by giving us your feed-back. We want Fine Lighting News to be as useful, and as easy to use, as possible. One way we are doing this is by linking to a relevant page whenever a light, a maker a designer &c. is cited. So, if you want to know more, more is only one click away.

The Search functions are not operating quite as we would like them to yet.  They are structured so that you can search for posts about lights, or search the articles -- features, information, technical advice and practical advice.

Our sister web site,, reproduces these same search functions in its left hand side column.

Fuller information about this blog is available from the menu of static pages along the top of the centre column.

Please do add comments below, especially if anything is still not clear about Fine Lighting News or the web site,

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