Charles Paris

Fine lighting from Paris and Florence at the Elizabeth Street summer party TONIGHT!

Elizabeth street_1-1 Yes, they'll be partying tonight in Belgravia's charming Elizabeth Street. There is a raffle with great prizes, shops will be staying open late -- and what shops! Poilâne, Allegra Hicks, Peggy Porschen (for cup cakes) , Grosvenor Stationery, Philip Treacy....but, most important of all, Les Senteurs, the brilliant specialist perfumery.

At least, that's why normal people will be there. But interior designers, design fans and fine lighting fans will want to visit Andrew Kornat's pop-up shop that opens tonight for a month-long run at 57 Elizabeth Street (SW1W 9PP).

Why? To see what Ciani in Florence does (without having to go to their not-to-be missed Emporio San Firenze showroom near the Bargello). They are finest exponents of the classic Florentine tradition of painted and gilded ironwork, often with floral motifs.

Ciani applique

A pendant:

Ciani pendant light

Tall table lights:

Ciani table lights

A tall floor light:

Ciani floor light

A chandelier:

Ciani chandelier

An applique:

Ciani applique 2

Note that the scale and personality of such Florentine work presuppose quite large, tall rooms.

Another collection that Andrew is showing is from one of the most prestigious lighting companies in France -- Charles Paris -- famous for their refined metal work since 1908.

They can do traditional chandeliers with motifs from nature that are not dissimilar to the Florentine school:

Charles Paris chandelier 3565-1

But they are also commissioning works from top contoporary designers, such as this chandelier with its magical reflections by Luc Gensollen:

Charles Paris chandelier Luc Gensollen3000-1

Charles Paris are best known in the UK for their table lights using fish, shell and coral motifs in their bases, such as this magnificent example:

Charles Paris table light 107TER-1

But they are commissioning contemporary table lights as well:

Charles table lights 2722-1

And there are quieter, less unusual, luxury table lights:

Charles table light 7215-1

Andrew's pop-up showroom also shows items from Cinabre, and you won't just see lighting. It is open from 10:00 till 16:00 Mondays to Fridays and on Saturday by appointment, from today until the 13th July. To arrange an appointment, call Andrew on 07738 080098.




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