Maison et Objet: most endearing light -- Companion from Discipline

Discipline Companion task light by SmithMatthias Endearing. There are lights that are cute -- maybe they look like little people, or birds, or animals -- but Companion, IMHO, is not cute. Companion is endearing.

The Italian company producing it, Discipline, seem to think so too -- they point out that its "...animated look make it it an ideal desk companion, enjoyable and likeable" (hence the name!).

And the British couple who designed it, Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias, think of it as "engaging and elegant in appearance, intuitive and effortless in function".

But it is not just endearing, it is also an unobtrusively clever piece of design, because you don't see the cable at all, once it has entered the base. The power is carried invisibly up the ash structure to the lamp in the steel head.

I think that the version on their stand at Maison et Objet had ball joints that were different colours, but the versions listed for sale on the Discipline web site are black (see above) or red:

Discipline Companion task light by SnithMatthias red

Discipline is an interesting new brand launched as recently as April 2012. You may have seen them at designjunction during London Design Week. They only do this light and one other at the moment, but they already have quite a large catalogue of furniture, accessories, tableware and gifts from an impressive roster of designers that includes Marc Sadler, Claesson Koivisto Rune, James Irvine and Nendo. And there are more to come.

The unifying factor is that the materials used are sustainable: "Each product is built with materials selected for their self-regenerating properties, such as wood, cork, bamboo, glass, natural textiles and eco upholstering, obtained by sustainable production methods."

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