Koncept at London Design Week

Koncept Equo LED task light Ergo Arguably the most elegant LED task light currently available is the Red Dot-winning Equo from the Koncept range, available in the UK from Ergo.

It is delicately balanced, making positioning it very satisfying and, as you can see from the picture above, the bar containing the LEDs always remains parallel to the desk top. Gently caress with your finger the strip on the base to dim it or to turn it off.

There is an American data sheet here. Obviously, for use in Europe, the CE version would be required.

You'll be able to see the Koncept at 100% Design on Ergo's stand (O351).

It will be accompanied by two new introductions, Sobre and Tono.

Sobre is an ultra-minimal linear LED light for a carrel. Up to three can be joined together to light any extended work surface:

Sobre LED task light Ergo

The horizontal bar can be rotated to adjust the fall of the light. There are optional built-in touch strips, plus an occupancy sensor that will turn it off after a predefined period when nobody is using it, thus obviating expensive and complicated lighting control systems. There are also anti-theft options.

Tono is a departure from the linear task lights in the collection, being a floor-standing column:

Ergo TONO LED floor light

But, like the others, it is also a LED-powered light with a minimal form. It offers the full range of LED colour options -- any colour, plus white at various degrees of warmth. You can fix the colour you want (likely for normal domestic use) or, for parties, have it shuffle through a range of colours.

Ergo TONO LED Floor light colour change


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