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Milan 2013: Euroluce and Fuori Salone PDF Handy Guides and summaries

Euroluce name in colours This is the sixth of the series of posts published this week that have built up into our Handy Guide to Euroluce 2013. Individual  posts have looked at who is in each of halls nine, eleven, thirteen and fifteen -- the main Euroluce event at the Rho fairground -- and the most recent one looked at what is happening in Milan itself at the same time.

This final post in the series makes all the content available in PDF form. Don't worry -- the PDFs take up a lot less space and are better laid out!

There are also summaries by hall (so that you can decide which halls you want to visit and how much time to allocate to them) and an alphabetical listing covering all locations.

This post will remain up throughout the week of the Fair so that you can download the PDFs , or read them on your mobile thingy, at any time.

There is no way that you will have time to see all the stands that I have identified. I've resisted the temptation to prepare a Top Ten. On the other hand, where I think that a stand is essential, I have said so and explained why. The idea is that you can go through the Handy Guide in advance, look at the web sites, and decide what you want you see. 

For the PDF Handy Guide to Hall 9, click on EUROLUCE MILAN 2013 HALL 9 .

For the PDF Handy Guide to Hall 11, lick on EUROLUCE MILAN 2013 HALL 11 .

For the PDF Handy Guide to Hall 13, click on EUROLUCE MILAN 2013 HALL 13

For the PDF Handy Guide to Hall 15 and lighting stands in some other halls, click on EUROLUCE MILAN 2013 HALL 15 and OTHER HALLS .

For the PDF Handy Guide to what is happening in Milan itself, click on EUROLUCE MILAN 2013 fuori salone .

For the PDF Handy Guide summary of Euroluce by hall, click on EUROLUCE MILAN 2013 summary by hall .

For the PDF Handy Guide alphabetical summary of Euroluce and Fuori Salone, click on EUROLUCE MILAN 2013 alphabetical summary .

This is the biggest event in the world for interior design. It only happens once every two years. It is the only chance to see how large, how dynamic -- how exciting -- our industry can be. Instead of being in our own offices and studios, everybody -- specifiers, designers and manufacturers -- all come together, professionally during the day and partying during the night.

People who are normally phoning and emailing each other from different countries and continents are, for one week, in the same place, maybe meeting face-to-face for the same time.

There is no more efficient way to find out what products are available, what the trends are, and to experience what others are doing for yourself. It is a unique opportunity for us all, specifier, designer and manufacturer alike, to make up our own minds about the direction our work will go in next.

Yes, it's tiring , but what a charge -- what renewed energy -- it gives us all!

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