Jan Pauwels' amazing feature lights for Quasar!

Quasar Universe Square chandelier

Is there a more unusual and eclectic collection of lights than Quasar’s? Have a look, at www.quasar.nl.

They have beautiful, flexible, delicate collections designed by Jan Pauwels. See some exciting custom installations on his own web site, at www.random.be.

He uses wires to make shapes, that also connect tiny, star-like lights:

Quasar Universe square detail

Glass pieces can be added. Here is Universe Square (above) with glass rods added:

Quasar Universe Square pendant light with glass rods added

The result is the lightest, airiest feature light possible – and not obstructing any view!

Quasar Universe Square chandelier in interior

They don’t have to be square. They can have a random shape, like this version of Universe:

Quasar Universe random over a table

They can be round, and have spotlights added to increase the amount of light being cast, as in this Universe Disc:

Quasar Universe chandelier round with spot lights

The wires can be curved, as in Curled:

Quasar Universe Curled chandelier

Nobilis is the shape of a traditional chandelier:

Quasar Nobilis chandelier

So is Mira, this time with crystal drops added – so it becomes a "real" chandelier, but the lightest ever!

Quasar Mira chandeler
Quasar Mira chandelier detail

Philae is a delicate leaf shape…

Quasar Philae chandelier

…that can be made up into compositions:

Quasar Philae chandeliers in a group installation

Because Quasar make everything themselves, in their own factory, they are more than happy to do custom arrangements. The world’s you lobster, really! So do get in touch with us if you are looking to add some delicate enchantment to your project.

Like this...

Quasar Universe chaotic lighting installation
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Quasar at Euroluce

Quasar is one of those brands that, because of the quality of what they do and their independent approach, is highly regarded by the industry.

Their eclectic collection includes some particularly successful designs by Jan PauwelsCitadel

…and  Universe Square, for example:

This year, you will be able to see a new Jan Pauwels design, Rosetta

…as well as new pieces by Maurizio Ferrari, Estefania Johnson, Sybille van Gammeren, and by Daniel Becker, who designed the go-anywhere (wall or ceiling), as-big-as-you-like, Sparks for Quasar:

See them in hall 11, stands B33-B39. As you can probably tell from the images above, these are amazing designs that you have to see for yourself: pictures don’t really do them justice.

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