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Kevin Reilly: recent introductions

kevin reilly pendant light lantern seva

I’ve just checked back and found that Cameron |Peters Fine Lighting has been responsible for supplying Kevin Reilly lighting to UK specifiers since 2006, so we’ve kind of got the hang of them by now!

This post brings you up-to-date with recent introductions.

The glorious Seva (above) is an innovative pendant light. They say, “This year, the Kevin Reilly Collection gives new momentum to its line of lighting fixtures by offering different models centered around their metal work. While it has always been a common thread within the collection, we are now seeing a dramatic new interpretation on the way in which light can be revealed.

"Architectural and sculptural, the Seva pendant is unique in that it is capable of holding light as well as sharing it as a focal point within a space. There is an emphasis on the dialogue between material and light, and the play between sculpture and function.”

We say, this is a strong, sculptural object that will cast light up and down, with no glare. Yes, the “shade” is not translucent, but for many applications this will not be a problem, any more than a non-translucent lamp shade on a table light is necessarily a problem.

There are two sizes:  W46cm and W147cm. Both are H71cm and D28cm. Here is a picture of the long one:

Kevin Reilly Long Seva pendant light

The exterior is in the usual range of Kevin Reilly finishes, and the inside options include a dark read powder coat – such drama!

Bamba is also a pendant:

Kevin Reilly BAMBA pendant light

This time the shade is semi-translucent. It is a simple, elegant shape in Kevin Reilly’s materials and finishes (that are rightly so popular at the moment). It comes in three sizes, though I know it does not look it from the picture below! What is happening is that there are three diameters (the largest being 91cm). You can choose one or two small or large shades, to create any of these four poses:

Kevin Reilly BAMBA pendant light

Make sure that you are aware of their size:

Kevin Reilly BAMBA pendant lights set

The delicate Pattern comes as a floor light, a table light and a desk light:

Kevin Reilly PATTERN desk, table and floor lights

Then, this is the Kolom wall light, that comes as standard in two sizes, and as a fixed or a swing arm. Custom options are also available:

Kevin Reilly Kolom wall lights

The standard shade material for Bamba, Pattern and Kolom is the wonderful watercolour paper than Kevin spent so long finding.

As it is for Kanaal, (the most recent introduction) but you can also use customer's own. It comes as standard H13cm W26cm and in four lengths (147cm, 183cm,213cm and 244cm) though, as usual, custom sizes are also possible.

Kanaal pendant light from Kevin Reilly

As always, if you are in the UK, contact us for tear sheets, finish options (it is easy to misunderstand these), prices and general advice (though, as I write, detailed Pattern info is not yet available).

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Understanding Kevin Reilly finishes

Kevin Reilly Lucerne pendant light

Several of the designs from our wonderful Kevin Reilly collections are available in both indoor and outdoor versions – for example, the elegant Lucerne above.

Initially you may wonder why we always check with you about which finish you want when you contact us about them.

We do it partly because the lights shown in photos tend to be in the “steel dark patina” finish, whereas everybody (in Europe, at least) assumes that it is a bronze. But Kevin Reilly give the name “steel bronze patina” to a different finish.

Photographs, print-outs and screen images of colours and finishes are notoriously unreliable, depending as they do on many factors. For example, how the colour has been set up on your screen is affecting how you see this post. But here are images of the indoor finishes anyway:

Kevin Reilly lighting interior finishes

The liveliness of the interior surfaces is achieved by hand-painting the finish onto steel.

Though some of the outdoor finishes may look similar, they are in fact powder-coated stainless steel, so that they can withstand the harsher conditions:

Kevin Reilly lighting exterior finishes

Now you can see why we check, and why we have samples of the finishes that we can send out to you.

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Kevin Reilly in Courchevel

Kevin Reilly Timmeren wal light set It is suprisingly difficult to get good images of lights being used in real projects. We were therefore delighted to receive these from Kevin Reilly, showing  interiors of L’hôtel Les Grandes Alpes in Courchevel 1850.

It is also very timely: you lighting fans will be thinking about finalizing you skiing plans: now you know where to stay at one of my favourite resorts!

The wall lights above are Kevin's Timmeren. This is a perfect application of them: their long narrow shape sits well as part of a composition that includes two pictures, and their natural metal finish complements the exposed wood upon which they are set.

Here we have Kevin's best known design, his Altar, used here over a desk:

Kevin Reilly Altar chandelier

We are often asked how close to a ceiling a pendant light can go. The benefit of pictures like this of lights in situ is that you can look and draw your own conclusions.

It brilliantly carries out one of its functions, which is to draw attention to the desk and lady sitting at it, just as the three Koloms below helpfully draw the eye of people arriving in the hotel for the first time to where the reception desk is:

Kevin Reilly Kolom pendant lights

Who would have thought that designs conceived and made in hot, steamy Alabama, the Heart of Dixie, would look so good in the icy wastes of the French Alps!

(And what's with the sheep...?)




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Kevin Reilly's Passage lantern in Moscow

Kevin Reilly Passage set 1 It is surprisingly rare for makers to get images of their lights in situ. Even if they are installing a major piece themselves, all they may have is a photo taken on someone's camera as they are packing up at four in the morning. We are therefore pleased to have these shots of the imaginative uses made of Kevin Reilly's Passage in this Moscow project.

The shot above, with the lights in an inside/outside location, is the most typical for a lantern -- in a porch, porte cochère or hallway.

The space in the image below is unusual. It is an interior, but with an art work of trees, so there is still an inside/outside thing going on. The Passage lantern was therefore an excellent choice for here too:

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern set 2

This final location shows how effective the Passage lantern can be in a location which is 100% indoors. The space is masculine, with the air of a study or a hunting lodge. It is quite pared down, with dark tones, including the wood panelling.  The Passage, with its own dark metal frame and strong, simple lines, has been hung low to pull the whole composition together.

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern set 3

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Kevin Reilly's Passage Lantern Indoors and Out

Kevin Reilly Passage set 1 It is sadly rare for makers to get pictures of their lights in situ. Even if they are putting them up themselves, often all they have is a photo taken on someone's phone just after they have finished the installation at three in the morning.

So we are delighted to have these images of Alabama-based Kevin Reilly's Passage lantern being used in a Moscow project, particularly since it is also an example of a light being used indoors that can also be used outdoors.

Here is a product shot of it:

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern product shot

There are four sizes (from H33cm to H84cm) and the standard four Kevin Reilly finishes (steel dark patina, steel ash patina, natural steel), which are lacquered when the light is used outside, plus an black finish intended for outdoors.

There is also a wall version:

Kevin Reilly Passage wall light

As a lantern (albeit an unusually simple, elegant and well-proportioned one), it looks appropriate hanging outside:

Kevin Reilly Passage Floor Light

or standing on the ground:

Kevin Reilly PASSAGE lantern OUTDOOR5

But here it is indoors again in Moscow:

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern in Moscow 2

Kevin Reilly Passage lantern in Moscow 3

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