Liselotte Captein

Deliberate shadows on the shade of Prandina's Loft

prandina LOFT-T3 table light So much time and trouble is spent by good lighting companies to ensure that there are no shadows on the insides of their shades that is is rather exhilarating to find a light where they are deliberately there!

The fabric shade on Prandina's Loft hides a plexiglass structure that creates a pattern of light and shadow.

When the light is not lit, the patterns can't be seen...

Prandina LOFT S3 pendant light red off turning the light on reveals a little surprise.

There are the table and pendant versions shown above. There is also a floor version: 

Prandina LOFT F3 floor light

The standard colours are red and white:

Prandina LOFT-S3 pendant light-big-b

but other colours are available on demand, and there are different sizes.

Loft was designed for Prandina by the Dutch designers Robert Admiraal and Liselotte Captein.

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