Metal Lux

Astro by Metal Lux

Metallux Astro goldMetal Lux's Astro series is now available in a wide range of colours and sizes. They all have a metal framework (in chrome, or gold-plated) decorated with glass curls.

The one above is Ø220cm. Here is a white one that is Ø180cm:

Metallux Astro whiteHere's a clear Ø120cm one:

Metallux Astro clearand a Ø115cm mauve one:

Metallux Astro mauveOther sizes are 80cm, 50cm and 40cm, and there are more colours, such as this black:

Metallux Astro blackThere is a complete family of light types (table, floor, ceiling, wall) and various shapes. Here is a pendant that is more of a hemisphere than a sphere:

Metallux Astro red flatAll in all, a very useful collection!

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