Bad fakes sold by Dwell!

Dwell Stratford cheap fakes 2Nothing new there, I hear you say. But there are two factors that show the extent of Dwell's contempt for intellectual property rights, and for their own customers:

  1. how they flaunt their fakes, and
  2. how badly designed the fakes are.

The flaunting can be seen at their shop in Westfield Straford. The image above shows their glass frontage filled with fakes of Jaime Hayón's Josephine chandelier for Metalarte. Here they are again:

Dwell Stratford 3The bad design? Look at a real Josephine chandelier:

Jaime hayon metalarte Josephine Queen 9.6.3 gold

Now look at Dwell's:

Dwell Stratford 4Compare: the clumsily thick circular bars to which the light bodies are attached...the ugly bundling of cables up the centre...the cables entering the light bodies at a sharp angle through exposed strain relief bushes...the wonky shades (in fact, the whole chandelier is wonky) ...the lack of proportion between the shades and the light bodies....

Yet the person who designed the fake knew the original! Basically, why didn't they make a better fake? The answers are, presumably (1) they don't care, (2) they cynically calculate that their customers will not notice what a crap pendant this is -- they'll still buy it, and (3) they are "designing" it so that it can be made a cheaply as possible -- so they get the concept for free by stealing it, then spend as little as possible getting their version made.

And, surprise, surprise! What do we have in the back of the shop but a fake of Arco from Flos:

Dwell Stratford arco

Here's the head of the real Arco. Notice also how slim and elegant the arm is and compare it with the clumsy thick component in Dwell's.

Flos ARCO_part

This is the light of which the Prime Minister's wife is reputed to have bought a fake -- see our post: Sunday Times tell readers: buy cheap fakes! Contempt for intellectual property rights is clearly as strong in in the offices of Dwell as it is in 10 Downing Street.

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