Interieur Kortrijk finest lighting product: Dot Show by Gonnette Smits for Muurbloem

Dot Show chandelier Muurbloem What a find this was!

Angelo Mangiarotti's Giogali system for Vistosi is one of the most iconic 20th century chandelier designs. A hook attaches to an identical hook above it, making possible long chains of glass with no metal involved, except for the frame at the top from which the chains hang. A huge range of shapes and sizes of chandelier is possible, depending upon the design of the frame.

So good is the Giogali system that there are, as you will know, many fakes on the market. On the good side, however, reputable glassworks have produced other shapes that hang from each other in the same way.

However, so far as Fine Lighting News knows, no-one has ever before had the idea of making glass bubbles with hooks at the top and bottom which can similarly create metal-free structures in a wide variety of shapes.

Dot Show from MuurbloemIt is the creation of Gonnette Smits for the Dutch design house, Muurbloem, run by her partner, the tall and charming Bart van de Kerhof. The one on display at Kortrijk was rectangular, which would be perfect for hanging over a rectangular dining table.The bubbles are made from borosilicate glass, so they are clear and strong. They come in a range of sizes. Muurbloem are professional enough to have realized that they must put a small hole in each one if it is not to explode when you take a chandelier home with you in your private jet. Or whatever.

There are several standard round configurations:

Dot Show chandelier Muurbloem

Dot Show chandelier Gonnette Smits

There are long bubbles:

Long Dot Show chandelier Muurbloem

Amongst the special projects they have done is this very long piece for the Crowne Plaza in the Hague, which really excited us because it is so good for stairwells:

Muurbloem Dot Show chandelier in a stairwell


And it is not just we who are excited! Standing near one can make you go all fuzzy. Then you could very well start taking your trousers off:

Muurbloem Dot Show setHave a party under a Dot Show and it will go with such a swing that the chandelier will be the only wallflower in the room!

Click here to download the Dot Show brochure.


By the way, Muurbloem does not just do fine lighting.  See their web site for other unusual, yet very practical products, particularly their wallpapers, which have their own web site:

Muurbloem Curves & Stripes wallpaper


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