Nora de Rudder

Nora de Rudder's work on show at the Musicalia festival in Ghent

Nora de Rudder Win's table light grey vleugellamp-gris The Musicalia Authentic Festival runs from Sunday 15th July to Sunday 22nd July in the magnificently decorated St Autbertuskapel of the Monasterium PoortAckere in Ghent (which is now a hotel, so you can stay in cloister of this peaceful former convent that dates back to 1278). The festival features the best Belgian jazz, folk, flamenco, classical, world, chanson and avant-garde music.

This year is also features the work of Nora de Rudder -- the "artist who makes lights". We have always presented her that way on the basis that an artist will add extra levels of meaning to what she makes.

In Nora's case, she often does this by using an unexpected material, the identity of which is not immediately apparent, because it is out of context. When the viewer does realize what it is, the meaning of the piece changes.

A very good example is the Wing's Lamp table light, shown at the head of this post (pigeon?), and here, in a white version (dove?):

Nora de Rudder Win's table light grey vleugellamp-gris

A light made from feathers -- well, it's beautiful, but other people do that, the best coming from Mat & Jewski. But, hang on a minute, those are not just feathers, they are the complete wings of a bird. Of a dead bird....

Her best known work is the legendary Mussel Chandelier:

Nora de Rudder mussel chandelier

But maybe my favourite is the Chandelier of Fragments.

Nora de Rudder chandelier of fragments

A chandelier made of glass? So what? Aah, but these are bits of broken glass such as you might find around a bottle bank. Now this most refined of objects -- the crystal chandelier, in a traditional tent and bag form -- is brought into the edgy, threatening world of the urban back street.

Besides the Wing's Lamps, you will able to to see at Musicalia the Meeting wall light:

Ontmoeting meeting wall light Nora de Rudder

an elegant, beautiful piece that suggests that the meeting is beautiful too (not all Nora's pieces have a Jekyll and Hyde effect!).

And, also is the loving mode (like a big, red SHOUT of love!) a Small Flame's Heart:

a small flame's heart wall light Nora de Rudder Vlammetjeshart

A good note to end on! Do explore further the beautiful, surprising and sometimes shocking work of this artist.



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Volière by Challières Paris sparks controversy on Kelly Hoppen's TV show

Those of you fortunate enough to have watched Kelly Hoppen's television programme, shown on British television on 1st November, will not only have seen Mathieu Challières' La Petite Volière, but also how sharply it divides opinion!

La petite Voliere from Challieres ParisWe have seen quite violent reactions against it from professional interior designers, for whom it seemed to violate some fundamental moral law that governs what a light should be. On the other hand, many really love it. In our sales office, where the staff could have any light they want, it was this that they chose -- they found it enchanting.

The birds are beautifully made models. If Kelly Hoppen's client had really wanted to have a chandelier with dead real birds, it takes a very different artist to create a work of art that uses them to create a Jekyll and Hyde frisson -- beautiful one  minute, chillling the next. This is the Belgian Nora de Rudder's The Birds:

The Birds by Nora de Rudder

Le Volière comes in quite a large family now -- a larger pendant

an applique

Voliere by Challieres wall light

and even a table light

Voliere by Challieres table lightIt is part of Mathieu Challières Un Petit Air du Campagne series which also includes Pommes:

Pommes by Challieres

They bring a smile on the rainiest of Monday mornings, like Mathieu himself!

A lighting factlet: the atelier of Challières Paris is next door to Ombre Portée's!

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