Pride of Soldiers installation by Scabetti

Scabetti soldiers.01 When Dominic and Frances of Scabetti have talked to us about their installation at the Kromhout Barracks on the outskirts of Utrecht, it has sounded exciting. Right up their street, because it is a coherent composition made up of many bone china pieces, in this case in the shape of soldiers.

"These photographs are now the only access many will have to this remarkable work of art, as it is sited in one of the most secure places in the Netherlands; the Royal Dutch Land Forces Command Head Quarters".

Scabetti soldiers installation at Kromhout.07

The best bit is that, as you walk round it, the shape of the Lion of the Armed Forces emerges:

Scabetti soldiers installation at Kromhout.02

Scabetti have created a single, large piece that is made up of many small components. The result is much lighter, less dense and more interesting than a solid piece of similar dimensions. These particular components are not only relevant to a barracks, but interesting in themselves: one thinks of soldiers dressed in camouflage, with twigs in their hats and mud, but these ones are of the purest white porcelain:

Scabetti soldiers installation at Kromhout.04

modelled by hand

Scabetti soldiers installation at Kromhout.03

The hand in the image above gives the scale of each soldier. The person in the image below, that was taken during installation, shows the scale of the whole (which is Ø3m)!

Scabetti soldiers installation at Kromhout.05

Obviously, other porcelain pieces could be created, and the shape of the total composition could be changed, so this is very versatile and exciting concept that could be applicable to other locations.

And they look good from every angle:

Scabetti soldiers installation in Kromhout.06

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