Kevin Reilly: recent introductions

kevin reilly pendant light lantern seva

I’ve just checked back and found that Cameron |Peters Fine Lighting has been responsible for supplying Kevin Reilly lighting to UK specifiers since 2006, so we’ve kind of got the hang of them by now!

This post brings you up-to-date with recent introductions.

The glorious Seva (above) is an innovative pendant light. They say, “This year, the Kevin Reilly Collection gives new momentum to its line of lighting fixtures by offering different models centered around their metal work. While it has always been a common thread within the collection, we are now seeing a dramatic new interpretation on the way in which light can be revealed.

"Architectural and sculptural, the Seva pendant is unique in that it is capable of holding light as well as sharing it as a focal point within a space. There is an emphasis on the dialogue between material and light, and the play between sculpture and function.”

We say, this is a strong, sculptural object that will cast light up and down, with no glare. Yes, the “shade” is not translucent, but for many applications this will not be a problem, any more than a non-translucent lamp shade on a table light is necessarily a problem.

There are two sizes:  W46cm and W147cm. Both are H71cm and D28cm. Here is a picture of the long one:

Kevin Reilly Long Seva pendant light

The exterior is in the usual range of Kevin Reilly finishes, and the inside options include a dark read powder coat – such drama!

Bamba is also a pendant:

Kevin Reilly BAMBA pendant light

This time the shade is semi-translucent. It is a simple, elegant shape in Kevin Reilly’s materials and finishes (that are rightly so popular at the moment). It comes in three sizes, though I know it does not look it from the picture below! What is happening is that there are three diameters (the largest being 91cm). You can choose one or two small or large shades, to create any of these four poses:

Kevin Reilly BAMBA pendant light

Make sure that you are aware of their size:

Kevin Reilly BAMBA pendant lights set

The delicate Pattern comes as a floor light, a table light and a desk light:

Kevin Reilly PATTERN desk, table and floor lights

Then, this is the Kolom wall light, that comes as standard in two sizes, and as a fixed or a swing arm. Custom options are also available:

Kevin Reilly Kolom wall lights

The standard shade material for Bamba, Pattern and Kolom is the wonderful watercolour paper than Kevin spent so long finding.

As it is for Kanaal, (the most recent introduction) but you can also use customer's own. It comes as standard H13cm W26cm and in four lengths (147cm, 183cm,213cm and 244cm) though, as usual, custom sizes are also possible.

Kanaal pendant light from Kevin Reilly

As always, if you are in the UK, contact us for tear sheets, finish options (it is easy to misunderstand these), prices and general advice (though, as I write, detailed Pattern info is not yet available).

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Understanding Kevin Reilly finishes

Kevin Reilly Lucerne pendant light

Several of the designs from our wonderful Kevin Reilly collections are available in both indoor and outdoor versions – for example, the elegant Lucerne above.

Initially you may wonder why we always check with you about which finish you want when you contact us about them.

We do it partly because the lights shown in photos tend to be in the “steel dark patina” finish, whereas everybody (in Europe, at least) assumes that it is a bronze. But Kevin Reilly give the name “steel bronze patina” to a different finish.

Photographs, print-outs and screen images of colours and finishes are notoriously unreliable, depending as they do on many factors. For example, how the colour has been set up on your screen is affecting how you see this post. But here are images of the indoor finishes anyway:

Kevin Reilly lighting interior finishes

The liveliness of the interior surfaces is achieved by hand-painting the finish onto steel.

Though some of the outdoor finishes may look similar, they are in fact powder-coated stainless steel, so that they can withstand the harsher conditions:

Kevin Reilly lighting exterior finishes

Now you can see why we check, and why we have samples of the finishes that we can send out to you.

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Roll & Hill bring Bec Brittain from Brooklyn to Decorex

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light reflexions

Brooklyn-based Roll & Hill may be a young company but it is rapidly becoming an essential source of fine, original designs. They are in America, their designers are in America. The essential point to note for anyone working on projects that are not in America is that they are working through their collections to create international versions. This means that you can specify works by artists like Bec Brittain and Lindsey Adelman, who do not themselves make international versions.

The first (of three) Bec Brittain designs that they have added to their portfolio is this Maxhedron. It was shown at Decorex on SCP's stand, along with other key pieces from Lindsey Adelman and Rosie Li (very strong reasons for you to have made your way down to the Orangery!).

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light

The shape is fascinating -- geometric, symmetrical when observed from the end, whereas from the side it consists of two identical units at 180° to each other -- easier to see than to explain!

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light dimensions

Bec created Maxhedron to explore the changes that can be wrought by light and reflexion. When off, the two-way mirror glass reflects what is around it -- blending in. When on, the warm light from the little G4 halogens inside bounces around the glass surfaces, and on the walls of the room it is in.

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light in a bathroom

The detailing is both elegant and industrial at the same time -- the bevelled glass and the knurled knobs...

Roll & Hill Maxhedron pendant light detail

...and the sharp, pointy edges:

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron point

Maxhedron costs $12,500 in the USA. Contact us for a European price when it is available over here.

Roll & Hill Bec Brittain Maxhedron pendant light
Bec Brittain
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David Weeks Studio's new scultpural chandelier family: Bramah

David Weeks Bramah single chandelier

13 August 2013 update: Please note that the Studio have temporarily suspended production of this line!

David Weeks Studio has introduced Bramah, which currently comes in three versions.

The easiest way to understand this design from pictures is to look at the Bramah Single Tier (#441) above.

The key component is the reflector/diffuser. David commissioned his own proprietary extruded metal shape, which he then worked on for months, cutting and shaping it to find the form that would become the collection's wing-like shade:

David Weeks bramah chandelier shade diffuser

The shade is counterbalanced by a weight. Two are hung at each end of a rod to create the main component of the Bramah Single Tier:

david weeks bramah single tier chandelier

They can move, so as you adjust the angle of the central shaft, like a seesaw, the diffusers and their counterweights keep themselves level. The minimum length is 191cm and the maximum length 241cm.

If one is good, how about three together hanging in a cluster!

david weeks bramah chandelier 440

Another way to get a similar effect is to specify the Bramah Chandelier (#440) which has three of the tiers on a single central shaft:

david weeks bramah-chandelier-440

If the David Weeks Studio's Bramah Chandelier makes the most of adding elements, there is also the option to go the other way -- to reduce the design to its essence. This is the Bramah Solo pendant light:

David Weeks Bramah Solo pendant light

It comprises a single one of the 112cm long shade and counterweight combos, hanging from its own chrome-plated rod. Again, one is good, but multiples are also good!

David Week Bramah solo pendant lights in a group

Note that glare is prevented by there being a separate wing below the lamp.

This lovely, timeless design comes in matt black or ivory on the outside. Other colours are available for an upcharge.

David Weeks Bramah in the Ralph Pucci showroom NYC

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New to our Light Finder: GRAYPANTS

GRAYPANTS Scraplights Ausi pendant light Lights made out of cardboard and corrugated paper. It shouldn't work, but it does -- spectacularly well, as graypants Scraplights© prove.

Two things happen:

1.       the lamp casts the warmest, cosiest light

graypants scraplights cardboard corrugated paper detai

2.       the simple pattern of the corrugated paper creates fascinating and varied patterns when the circular shape cuts across it:

graypants scraplights disc pendant lightLovely singly, they work particularly well in multiples. Here they are hung at random heights...

graypants scraplights moon pendant lights are these ones over a bar:

graypants scraplights discs in a bar

Whereas these, also over a bar, are hung more formally:

graypants scraplights ausi pendant lights over a bar

So who is behind graypants? The name makes sense when you discover that it is a design studio set up in America, in Seattle, by best friends Jonathan Junker and Seth Grizzle. Here they are:

jon junker and seth grizzle of graypants

Not all the scraplights are pendants. Here is a cute Tilt table light, for example (note how well scraplights work in wood-dominated interiors!):

graypants scraplights tilt able light

Nor are the scraplights all that graypants do. In Milan, Jon showed me a prototype of their new line, the steplights, made of metal. When we have prices and know they are available, we'll post about them.

So, you really want to specify them now, but you have two concerns.

The first is that, because graypants' scraplights orginate in America, probably only UL versions are being made, and so they can't be used anywhere else in the world. Fortunately, this is not a problem. Like one or two other small American studios, they want to export and have therefore engineered international versions of their lights. Not only do they have certificates of conformity to CE standards, but they also now have an operation in the Netherlands.

Obviously, your second concern about cardboard lights is how durable they are. Are they going to fall to pieces?

They are clearly very well made, by graypants themselves, and they assure me that there have been scraplights hanging in commercial premises for several years now, with no problems. After all, once they are up, they will not be handled very much.

However, it would probably be wise not to put them in direct sunlight, and one should follow the maker's own guidance (as with any product). So lets' finish by seeing what graypants themselves say about the quality and care of the scraplights:

graypants scraplights quality


They care about the lights they make and want their owners to be happy, so they are not going to wash their hands of them. As you saw, if there is a problem with a scraplight, they are asking you to get in touch with them.

graypants scraplight Arcturus pendant light

Personally, I am reassured, which is why we are including these super lights in our LIGHT FINDER.

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